Forum Member in the Spotlight: Rere – Most Loved Beauty Shopper

FD member in spotlight RERE

Rere is an Indonesian graduate student living in Georgia, USA.  She’s also an active member in FD forum, contributing information on the latest beauty product launches (she’s probably the first Indonesian to try a vibrating mascara), the latest deals and bargain (she’s a self-professed drugstore queen) and everything Bath and Body Works-related. She has also been the go-to girl for FD ladies who’d like to get things from the USA, such as beauty products and the occasional ‘it’ bag or shoes. Let’s get to know her better.

Tell us about where you live, and what you like about people’s style there?

I live in suburb of Atlanta and go to school in downtown Atlanta. The style is quite different, as where I live is more conventional. During the weekend you’ll find families in sweats around the shopping mall. Not particularly as fashionable as, say, a New Yorker, because in general people in the South are more relaxed. The style in downtown is very diverse. You’ll find everything from the embodiment of ‘ghetto fabulous’, students with standard tees and jeans outfit, a little bit of punk here and there, professional wear, to grandmas with Church hat and gloves. A very interesting mix if you love people watching as much as I do!

At home and as a student, I don’t as strict a dress code as in business school. For us, it is a good day if you wear clean clothes! I live in jeans, tees, and Crocs flip flops for most part of the year, which is what most everyone wears around here.

Michelle Obama has become quite a sytle icon in the US; what do you think about her?

I think Michelle Obama brings energy and youthfulness to the image of First Lady. Although she looks stunning during formal occasions, she is an everyday woman: managing household, have career, shop at Target, buy dress at everyday retailer, all things women can relate to.  She shows that women can be smart and stylish too, and that we can look good with any budget.

How did you find out about Fashionese Daily and its forum?

I was browsing for something else and stumbled upon FD. I never follow Hanzky’s blog before, so everything was new to me. After becoming a silent reader for about a month, I decided to register and the rest was history. It was quite an adventure to me, because I never been part of any online community before.

How has FD affects your life?

I learned a lot from FD members, and in the mean time also found really good friends *hugs*. I also appreciate the effort put by Mods to keep the forum as enjoyable and easy to read.

As a grad student, I wasn’t interested in makeup at all, but FD made me see that makeup can be fun and not as intimidating, so I have the confidence to go to makeup counters and ask beauty advisers to teach me how to put things on. Since I also shop for other FD members, I had the chance to make good friends with the sales advisers and makeup artist of major makeup brands. One many occasions I came to the store asking about an upcoming launch that even they weren’t aware of!

As much as I enjoy being part of FD, sometimes I’m annoyed with the cattiness, excessive business promotion or use of baby talk in the forum. As for my position as inang-inang lapak, I always enjoy shopping, preferably on somebody else’s dime. Most FD ladies are easy to deal with, and after a while everybody seems to know the rules so my lapak becomes easier to manage. But as an economist in training, I always want to say this: “Makeup is not a necessity, so budget accordingly. If you missed one collection, chances are they’ll come back again, so no need to lose sleep over that. And if you really, really, want to buy something that is hard to find, it should mean that you’re also willing to pay the premium price”.

I hope that we can keep FD a fun play and learning ground! That’s all, and I love FD!

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  • dunia_dandan

    Rere – Manhattan lagi next weekend, yuukkk
    Komplit, nih. *winks*

  • purplerebel

    rere…yuk..yuk… manhattan lagi. reuni plus plus deh. banyak drugstore lho disini :D

  • rere

    keliyan racun yaaaa… gue lagi diiket nih disini :(
    next wiken itu maksudnya kapan, deb?

  • dadomalang

    Inang inang kesayanganku….muah…

  • lita

    rereee *hugs*

  • vveen

    yay..go rere go rere! :)

  • elle

    well.. one thing for sure, she is a very accountable seller. my favourite seller so far :) ciayou Re!

  • dunia_dandan

    Weekend tgl 3-4 Okt ini, Re. Entar kita tur de drugstore deh :D

  • Lena

    ih keliyen jangan ganggu rere ya! lagi berjuang neh berjuang menggapai cita2!
    *syebal krn gak diajak*

  • rere

    hyahahahaahahaha…. itu petuah kakak seperguruan tidak bisa dilanggar *padepokan silat kaleeee*.
    guys, kalo gue bisa selesaiin something minggu ini dan harga tiket cukup bersahabat, semoga gue bisa ke NY. gak janji nih yaa….

  • purplerebel

    rere…you have 4 days to finish whatever you’re working on right now. i think that’s enough, right?! :D
    kapan lagi ketemu bencong2 di manhattan. kumplit lho. ada yg dr boston, DC, NYC, and bintang tamu dari jakarta ada 2 biji. yuuks…

  • lita

    ayo reee, selesai jumat siang, jumat sore brkt ke NYC !

  • Pia

    i really love this kind of post! a quick and easy way to get to know FD members and my lovely shoppers vs. just knowing their bca numbers (haha). HUGS Rere!!!! XOXO

  • Koukla

    Yay Rere! Jadi ke NY nggak re?

  • Talulla

    I Heart Rere!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe….

  • rere

    guys, pasti nih gak bisa ke NY. lain kali deh ya… gue masih punya delta miles kok :p
    i’ll be there in spirit…. huuuuu….