Cargo PlantLove Quad

If you have Rp 100,000 what would you buy? I would straight away visit Debbie Dundan’s lapak at MP and bought myself the Cargo PlantLove Quad. Wait a minute, what am I talking about? I already got one!

Cargo Plantlove ProductWith the motto of  “Red Lips. Green Conscience” Cargo’s PlantLove came with an eco-friendly beauty product made from natural and organic ingredients with environmentally friendly compostable packaging. Green will never go out of fashion, true? It does not contain any trace of parabeans, phthalates, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

The quad itself is stunning. The packaging is so slim, you can slip it into your make up case but you got generous full size eyeshadow in that quad for such a bargain. The eyeshadow is so silky and easily blended with amazing colour pay off. It doesn’t hurt that the colour combination is so gorgeous too. The four colours included in this quad are Iris (deep violet with shimmer), Thyme (pale pale green/olive with lustre shimmer), Zinnea (copper gold with shimmer) and Ginger (warm orange gold with shimmer).

You can achieve so many different look with this quad. For everyday look you can just combine Zinnea and Ginger. Whereas for more subtle but still colourful looks you can use Thyme all over the lid and combine with Iris as the liner colour. Whereas if you want to go OTT used everything and emphasize on combining the two golden shade with Iris and use Thyme on the lower lash line. Who would have thought the combination and violet and pale green/olive would have been such a perfect match!

Some product photo and swatches for your benefit.



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