Essential Items for Travelling

Lebaran is near and everyone must be busy packing (and I can’t wait to have this town all by myself..:D ). Wherever your destination is, there must be something you can’t leave without at your destination. Here’s ours:

lebarandhistyDYS – Sunglasses

I always have to bring a pair of sunglasses. Bukan buat bergaya, but they serve as a camouflage to hide myself whenever I fall asleep in the car/train/airplane, etc.. hehe. For the last few years, my classic RayBan aviators have been traveling with me everywhere. – pic source:

lebaranshintasLesta – iPhone

It’s already a lifestyle for me that I need to be able to go online, anytime, anywhere. That was the reason i got my iPhone cause after giving birth, there were times during breastfeeding session that I ended up doing nothing. I thought, I could use those time to be productive. But since I’m carrying my baby, I can’t  carry my laptop with me. So an iPhone was a perfect solution. After awhile, the thing glued to my hands. Anything I need to do, I do it on my Iphone. Checking emails, twittering, facebooking, checking FD forum, YM, checking recipes, maps, playing games, read Qur’an or just plainly writing notes, I do it there. It’s also my photography tool nowadays, since carrying an DSLR is still out of a question.

So it’s just only make sense that I would never leave home without it, even during Lebaran holiday. Especially that I know I can always switch my SIM card using my Indonesia mobil number so I can still access internet without getting any data roaming charges.

lebaranhanzky Hanzky – Cotton Ink Shawl

I would bring this for its versatility. Khusus untuk lebaran, bisa dipakai sebagai kerudung..:D in addition to shawl, shrug, tube top, something to keep me warm, atau untuk selimutin Jehan di mobil, bisa jugasebagai nursing top. Absolute essential for traveling.

lebaranlenaLena – Laptop

My life is in there: my music, my work, papers, readings etc. Not to mention so that I can keep up with FD moderating work! *kiss ass mode so ON*

lebaranaffiAffi – Guess Skinny Jeans

Skinny and me usually don’t come in 1 sentence (hahaha) but this jeans fit me like second skin and create a somewhat slimmer illusion. The blue black color also makes this jeans dressy enough for semi-formal occasions but of course still casual enough to be worn for hanging out or exploring my hometown. Keluarga gue juga santai2 sih orangnya, jadi oke-oke aja pake jins selama Lebaran!

lebarandundanDunia Dandan – Travelon Luggage Scale

Benda inilah yang menyadarkan diriku bahwa tidak usah satu lemari dibawa semua, lo kata pindahan?! Setidaknya, kalaupun terpaksa excess baggage, eike tetep bisa tahu bahwa itu tidak boleh melebihi 32kg.

This weighs in lbs and kgs, is durable, and totally portable.

Harga rata-rata: $20. – pic source:

lebaranamalDeszell – Legging

With legging I can turn my mini dresses into something more appropriate for Hari Raya. For hawker food hunting, I can just throw my oversize shirt.

It’s also comfortable to use for sleeping. Truly one piece that fit all occasions.

lebaranwulanUberboston – Pocket digital camera

Kalo lagi mudik (IF!), gue pasti bawa kamera, tapi suka males bawa yang gede. Jadi it must be the pocket digicam who takes the space.  Always ada object menarik kalo lagi di perjalanan naik mobil, kereta atau pesawat. And it kills time. When I’m bored, tinggal cekrek-cekrek


Vanya – Flip Flop

I know you can easily buy flip flop everywhere. But I always secure a pair in my luggage. Bisa dipake di egala macem medan jalan dan bisa buat ganti kalo pegel pake sepatu cantik dan perlu jalan jauh. And it’s lighter than to pack a pair of sneakers :)


Thomas – Plastic Bag

Alesannya simpel. Supaya kalo lagi jalan, nggak nyampah di mana-mana. Tinggal dikumpulin di plastik. Jadi kalo pulang pesiar dari mana-mana, oleh-olehnya sampah :p