Rusly Tjohnardi; L’Euphorie, L’Univers du Luxe 2009 – 2010


Whenever Rusly sketches his upcoming collection, he surely never leave the word glamor from his mind. It’s proven from his recent collection that is all about glamor and standing out in the party crowd. And the good thing is, for Rusly, Glamor is not restricted to sparkling crystal and diamond on expensive fabrics. He adventurously mixed traditional elements like Tenun with European style and a mix of lace with Songket Bali or Thai sutera with organza.

Apart from flowy dresses there’s also structured dressed from the waist down and structured shoulder ala rumah Gadang. My favorite part was the dramatic dresses with exagerrated bow, it’s not something I would wear because the bow itself is almost as big as I am..:D, but it’s perfect for someone who wants to go all out and be the center of attention.