Eye Candy or Eyesore?

51chNds1zmL._SS500_ Of all makeup we put on our face, eye makeup is the most exciting thing to do. The vast array of colors is so intriguing and we can create any look if we know what colors to combine and where to put the products. So, when I came across “Eye Candy: 55 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes”, I knew I had to have this. I mean, look at the cover! It does look glam and yummy.

So I flipped thru the book and boy was I grinning! I did not laugh at the book, but seriously, I was like ‘Is this a compilation of our FOTDs?’

Look, FOTDs are done by us, some “bencong makeup” who have fun playing around with colors and have no problems making mistakes. Of course, we’re not professionals and never got a diploma in makeup (with some exceptions to marvelous members/makeup artists). But when you have to shell out $15 for a makeup book (thank God it’s not $30; better yet, Amazon has it for $10), sure you want something that is really an eye candy.

Granted, this book is intended for teenage girls, so I won’t blame Linda Mason for using hot pinks, neon yellows, bright purples all combined. But poor blending job? Some are not even blended at all. Sure, it’s personal taste, but still… I’m not into dirty look.

c74081b0c8a0859a2554a110.LYou can also see how some of the girls here are not made-up at all. Nope, it’s not a barely-there look, but it’s like they are yanked from the street, seated, had Ms. Mason put the eye makeup, and got the picture taken. Just like that. No foundation, no powder, no oil-blotting, and she doesn’t even care trimming the bushy eyebrows (SOS Ibu Narsih ☺) Even we can’t afford to appear like that in our FOTDs :D

And don’t let me start with the quality of the pictures. Some are blurry, some are taken under bad lighting, and there is certainly no standard on taking the pictures. She couldn’t be using mobile phone camera, could she?

However, this is still a fun makeup book to look at and to dig for some ideas. Bright orange and yellow eyeshadows along with red eyeliner? Bring it on!

For more info on Linda Mason, click www.lindamason.com

Want to see how she really looks like? Go here:

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