My First H&M Shoes

Before I introduce my new shoes, let me introduce this new feature of FD, the mo:Blog. All of us is getting even more mobile as the days go. We see many interesting things/products everyday, if we wait till we sit in front of the laptops, we might have already forgot about it by then. So publishing it right away thru our mobile phone seems like a practical way to do it. We’ve been doing it on Twitter for a while but we thought it would be fun to bring it to the blog too.

Since the images are taken by mobile phone, please understand that they won’t be super sharp, but we’ll try our best!

Ok, enough about the introduction now let’s get on to the shoes!!. I was an avid H&M shopper back in the days but I just realized that I never own their shoes. The great ones just didn’t seem to make their way to the H&M stores in my city.

Utie (an FDers) just came back here for good and brought me this goody. A pair of H&M orange patent round toe that fit perfectly. The slightly cone style heel give the shoes a quirky touch as well as comfort. I guess tomorrow I will build my outfit around these babies! Thank you Utie darling!