Biyan; From The Wet Market to The Runway

I really didn’t expect that a night in Ritz Carlton Ballroom would brought me back to one of my fond childhood memories; the wet market.


To celebrate his 26th anniversary as a fashion designer, Biyan held a fashion show last Wednesday August 26th, titled Sense. The collection and the setting is inspired by a place in our neighborhood that often neglected because we are so accustomed to the air conditioned franchise supermarket. He brought the wet market setting into the runway, completes with fruits, vegetables, woven baskets, bird cages, sellers in traditional clothes, the old fashioned scales and I even heard some rooster crowing sound effect. It looked like a makeover-ed wet market..:)


Biyan believes there’s no other place quite like the traditional markets where interaction is at its highest level and where all of our senses get to work at the same time, from seeing, thinking, smelling, touching, hearing, communicating and exploring. It really is a place full of inspiration.

So when a wet market translated to a collection, what’s the end result?
A set of wearable collection that have relax elegance aura,  that you can easily mix and match. There was also pops of colors like we would see in the market , like paprika green, eggplant purple, shrimp pink, guava red and all of those pretty and exciting colors.


What’s so Biyan about this collection?
Femininity. Nude colors. Loads of sequins. But the colorful Crystallized Swarovski along with the statement jewelry and the interesting cut and drapery keep them interesting and kicked off any feeling of dullness.

What’s so refreshing?
Aside from the surprising bold color, there just seemed to be a new mood, a new spirit. The wet market setting really injected a different perspective, totally different from the glamorous vibe that is closely associated to Biyan and the fashion world.