Cozy – Pure Bliss from Head to Foot

Name: Cozy Spa

Address: Jl. Gandaria I/69 C (opposite Snappy) Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021 – 725 2853 / 727 999 84

Services : Foot reflexology, shoulder and neck massage, shiatsu head massage, body massage and reflexology, manicure and pedicure.

Price range : Rp. 76.000 (foot reflexology aromatherapy) – Rp. 176.000 (a 2-hour deep relaxing massage that includes body scrub)

Why We Love It : When I lived in Bali, Cozy was my favorite place to go to whenever I needed to de-stress or just about anytime I craved for some foot massage. So of course I was thrilled to find that Cozy has opened up a branch in Jakarta about 2 years ago. What made me happier that everything I love about Cozy in Bali, I can find in Jakarta. From the carefully selected and fully trained staff (some of them were even brought from Bali!), to the simple yet satisfying treatment packages.  The little touches that makes Cozy so unique are also available – the calming fish tank positioned in front of every lounge chair (so you can stare at these fishies while you’re getting your feet massaged, it’s therapeutic!) to the way they allow you to personally select the music you want to listen to during the massage. I also love the technique used at Cozy, I can’t dwell on the details since I don’t know much of it, but it is the kind of massage that is deep but not painful so that you can still enjoy it and feel relax – just the way I like ‘em! Even though some people believe, the more painful a massage, the better it is for you, I still choose the ones that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve just been physically abused. Thankfully, that is never a case with Cozy. I always feel relaxed and happy everytime I leave the place and I can’t wait to go back there again :)

Recommended: Cozy DeLight – shiatsu head massage and foot reflexology aromatherapy done simultaneously by 2 therapists where their hands move in harmony with each other, creating a pattern of sensations so pleasurable that you feel almost guilty about the indulgence!

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Images courtesy of Cozy Spa