If I Could Only Have One Brush

M7YRA late night Tweeting session has inspired me to write this post. What would the choice be if I can only have 1 brush? Isn’t that a tough question? For those of you who follow FD Twitter, you would know my answer. That one brush would be none other than MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush.

This brush is a domed brush with the softest natural fibres I’ve ever know with a slightly pointed tip and round chiselled sides. I gave a nickname to this brush –  Brush Obor because it reminded me of the yellow flame burning in a torch. If I have to choose for only one brush, I think I can live with only owning this brush. It is specially designed to enhance your sculpting and shaping technique due to its chiselled side. The soft brush will follow your facial planes perfectly and make shaping and contouring an easy job.

It is the perfect brush for using any kind of blush. If you caught me  saying that it is the tools that make all the difference in the blush, not the blush itself – I can say that line, because I have this brush. No matter how sheer the blush is, this brush can pick up the powder and deposit the colour onto my medium shade skin. No blush have fail me thanks to this brush. I deposit the powder using the chisseled side and the pointed tip for buffing and blending the blush.

This brush can also be used for Mineral Make Up foundation and Loose Powder. Use the pointed tip and apply the product in circular motion. The tip can also be used to apply highlighter on your cheekbone because it’s not too big in size.

So you get; foundation, powder, blush, contouring and highlighting. The perfect tools for a flawless face. How can I not manage with only one brush?

Now I would like to ask you the same question, what would it be if you can only have one brush to choose?