Discovering Bangkok: The Tourist Attraction

Bangkok is a true testament that history and culture can live side by side with the modern way of living. Hundred of years history breathing the same air as the mixture of people resided in this city. Tradition that never seemed to fade with time shown by the citizen unconditional love toward their King by beautifying the city with his pictures. Nation that is divided politically but still stand still whenever their national anthem sung, regardless where they are or what they are doing at the time.

If you happen to visit Bangkok, spare your time to visit the tourist site to indulge your eyes with past glory and beauty of the city. Some of these site I have not yet visit but will forever stay on my list, whereas some that I’ve visited have shown me the other side of the city.


1. Grand Palace: buit in 1782 in the time of King Rama I reign when he decided to move the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok. It’s a complex of various building with intricate details that shown the beautiful Thai craftmanship, together it is nothing less than magnificent. What makes me in awe is that the palace is well kept and it is continously restored as the years started to take its toll on the building. How I wish Indonesia have the same willingness to preserve history. King Bhumidol Adulyadej, the current King of Thailand does not reside in Grand Palace though, instead he stays in Chitralada Palace. If you plan to visit the palace please don’t forget to wear something that covers your legs or you can borrow a sarong on the administration office.

2. Wat Pho or the Temple of Reclining Buddha which gaining its name because the temple house a majestic (in size and view) reclining Buddha measuring up to 46 metres long and covered in gold leaf. If I remember correctly the feet of the Buddha were also covered with mother of pearl. It is very worthwhile to get yourself a guide to explain the various drawing on the wall of the temple. This temple is located behind the Famous Temple of the Emerald Budha and only 7-10 minutes away on foot from the grand palace.

3. The Chao Phraya River and ‘klongs’ (canals) to end your walk of history. Try the river cruise to give you a glimpse of the city from the water.

4. Head down to Jim Thompson’ House located in the middle of the city to spend your afternoon. Some might say that it seemed unreal how the beautiful teak wood traditional peaceful looking houseis actually located in the most bustling part of the city. His name may sound familiar to you, because he was the authority in Thai Silk. A former architect and US intelligence who decided to call Thailand his home after WWII because of his love for Thai hand-woven silk. Other than the magnificent architecture of the houses, it is filled with interesting art objects, sculpture and antique.

5. If not to indulge yourself  in the remnants of traditional market in the water or known as the floating market, you can take a couple of minutes of your time to snap your own picture of the floating market and sees the fresh pile of fruits and vegetables. Maybe it’s not unique because Indonesia has it own share of floating market, but one located at the capital and easily accessible? Why not.

I may have missed a lot of magnificent tourist site in Bangkok. So please do share yours.