Dont Judge a Brush by its Size!

P1020377You know as the saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the same goes for the Make Up Show Buffer brush. The size is very small for a face brush but its dedication to deliver the best flawless face is beyond believe. The brush is not more than 3cm in diameter and height and made from soft and flexible real hair which easily follow the contour of your face. It’s love at first sight with this brush and I love it even more because of 2 reasons.

Firstly because I’ve been looking for a small sized buffer brush eversince Darwyn applied foundation using similar brush made by MAC Pro during the first FD Kelas Dandan. Buff in foundation little by little in circular motion into your face. The application result was flawless and streak free! The coverage can be build up easily and because the brush buff the foundation into your skin, the foundation just immediately sink in like your second skin. Like I said previously the brush just easily follow the natural contour of your face making it effortless to apply your foundation. Sometime I felt a bit challenged applying matte textured foundation since using my normal foundation brush the result is always streaky. I felt so at ease applying mate foundation with this brush because of its natural hair because the brush doesn’t hug the product rather it simply transfer it from the brush to our face. It actually contradict the basic rule in terms of brush vs make up product application, usually creamy product are best applied using synthetic brushes but as long as the result is perfect we can just skip the rule right? Since this brush is small in size it’s only natural that it will take longer time of application compared to other brushes. But believe me, the result is worth every second you spent!

Secondly, this brush makes me neglected my powder blush and just go straight to my cream blush. During the recent kelas dandan Darwyn shows us on how to use this buffer brush to apply Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. He dab the brush head lightly to the pot, you barely even see the product on brush and start applying the blush onto the apple of the cheeks in circular motion until it’s evenly applied. The result is natural and you dont even need a powder or highlighter to set the cream blush because it’s not sticky at all. I tried using my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink using this brush, on my medium skin tone I cant usually pull off this blush without the intervention of warmer pink highlighter. But with the help of this brush, it just looks ever so natural!


I usually alternate this brush between applying foundation and cream blush. Since this brush doesnt really hold much product residue all I need to do between each application is wipe the brush head with tissue and I can use it between the two product. Get yours from Juleha’s lapak at FD Market Plaza at Rp 130,000 before it sold out, again!