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From Click and Order to Brick and Mortar. Closet Quickies now have a physical store at Jln. Bangka Raya No 103, Kemang – Jakarta Selatan. Yess…I’m so excited and also relieved at the same time that it’s finally open and I can breathe a little..:). It feels like having another child.:D.


It’s nice to be back to this area of fashion. I used to work for GAP Inc. a few years ago and fell in love with the retail world. How can you not when you’re surrounded by pretty clothes and meet lots of different people everyday? So owning a retail store has been a long time dream for me…and if I am allowed to brag a little, Closet Quickies is n.o.t just another store, it has its own concept that, I believe, is totally new for this town. So what makes it different than the rest of the stores?

  • Our concept is BUY. SELL . TRADE . Besides shopping, you can actually SELL your clothes there and we pay you cash upfront, or you can choose the TRADE option, where you will get vouchers to shop at the store.
    Here’s how it works: You come in to the stores with your bags of clothes, we sort them, price them, then pay you 45% in cash of the store’s selling price or 60% in trade.

So you see, we are giving solution to all fashionista across town to:

  • Earn money. If you have so many good quality gently-used clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit your lifestyle anymore, sell them at Closet Quickies for extra cash.  You don’t need to sell it to friend or go through the hassle of taking the pictures and upload them on your multiply/facebook one by one. You don’t need to wait for the next bazaar to come and have to spend money to earn money on the booth fee.
  • Save money. If you are really careful with your shopping allowance, shopping at Closet Quickies will really stretch your money because we have so many stuff for under IDR 100,000. Lots of high street brand items for 80% off their original retail price.
  • Help green the environment. New clothes used so many energy and resources from mother nature’s womb so if you want to pay a homage to mother nature, buying used clothings is an easy way to do it..:).  Did you know that we dispose over 18 billion tons of worn clothing and textiles annually and EPA studies show 5% of our landfill is composed of textiles. Being the world’s 4th most populous country, Indonesia is sure to contribute significant amount to that. Recycling and reusing clothing is one simple way to help reduce landfill waste.


If you are still not familiar with the idea of using pre-loved clothes, we also have a selection of brand new items. There were a few occasions didn’t realize that the ones they tried were pre-loved since they look new. Besides high street brands, we also have top quality vintage items that were sold off the racks before 1960s. We also accept high ticket designer label on consignment system.

Meeee at the cash register..:D. Sorry for the mess!!

Besides our environmental mission,  Closet Quickies’ is dedicated to help  the community in one way or the other. To start with, during the Ramadhan, portion of our sales profit will be donated to support the Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO).  ISCO Foundation is a non-government organization, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, dedicated to improve the quality of life of street children through education. The main goal of ISCO is to help to improve the quality of life of these marginal communities and give them not only hope, but also the means, to change their futures for the better.  It is our mission to support social responsibility and to give back to the community!

Closet Quickies is open everyday from 10 am to 9 pm so there’s plenty of time for you to stop by, and please do visit my humble store…:) It’s not  far from McDonald’s Kemang. If  you are coming from Prapanca heading to Kemang, just make a left at Jl Bangka Raya.  Closet Quickies is not too far away from there on your right-hand side, just before and Kepompong school and Ke’kun area. The online shop will still be running but currently we have much more selection at the store. There’s a small private space in the back end corner for me and Koukla’s workstation which currently serve as FashioneseDaily’s temporary office…:). Although we are usually mobile and don’t regularly stay there, we welcome everyone to stop by and say Hi. So, hope to see you there!

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  • etoy

    Wow!! Can’t wait to visit this store..hope it can solve my problem in circulating my clothes hehehe btw harga pas apa boleh nego Ci??

  • Juleha

    Wow .. Han congrats ya …

  • Cynthia

    Congratulations hanny!!! next time am in town, am sure making a stop at your shop!!! not a quick one, i can promise you!!! hahaha…..

  • Hanzky

    Etoy: Dateng aja dulu yaa, ntar kalo udah liat harganya pasti nggak tega untuk nawar deh karena udah murah muraah..hehehe…

    Juleha: Makasiiy say, ditunggu juga toko Dua amoy yaa..kalo ada kelebihan barang ditaro di warungku aja..:D

    Cynthia: Hahaha, not a quick one karena bawa baju banyaak buat dijual ya Cyn??…:D

  • tje2p

    Congrats Han…. Congrats Closet Quickies…

  • Ambung

    congrats Han. lebaran ga libur panjang dong? Insya Allah gue bakal mampir deh ke toko lo. Hmmm kayaknya malah ga boleh ke ITC Kuningan dulu sblm ke toko lo nih….

    sukses sll yah.

  • solaia

    Okay, I am actually eyeing a coat in the picture hehe..

    Definitely will drop by soon :)

  • lucy

    hani, congrats yaaa… bener2 menggoda untuk dateng niihh… ntar ajak temen2 ah kesana..

  • lilis

    Selamat ya hanzky, *doh kapan ke jakarta ya biar bisa mampir :( , semoga sukses dengan toko barunya

  • mir@cle

    Hanzky, congratulations for the opening of Closet Quickies’s store :D wishing you all the best of luck….;)

  • Chikka

    Bener2 mantaps deh Mami FD yang satu ini :)

  • shelbox

    Congratulationss for the new store Han..
    dan soal konsep buy sell trade kayaknya emang beneran baru yaa,, menarik banget..

  • rere

    Congrats Hanz!

  • ferra

    Selamat td I just spot the store on a way home loh, a bit surprise ternyata the famous online store, da ada landed store nya.. Can’t wait explore the store..

  • dunia_dandan

    I’m excited for you, Han! Congrats! Tunggu aku mudik Nopember nanti, yahhh.. :D

  • Lena

    ih cici hani, hebat banget deh, congrats my dear! the shop looks fab! in a few years it’s gonna be a hot franchise ci :D
    jangan lupa nge-stock ukuran gue ya!

  • mira

    Asiiik rute pulang kantor niyyy, mampir aaahhhh

  • lyn

    wow, congrats ya han!!
    will try to come and visit sometime ^^

  • gabzpanda

    congrats!!!! :)

  • AnThY

    cantik banget your little treasure mba…kapan2 main kesana yah…:)

  • PinK_VatrA

    Hanzky, konsepnya menarik sekali!
    Nanti kalo ke Jakarta gue pasti mampir ke sono. Bawa baju sebanyak apapun boleh kan Han? :)

  • vian

    Congrats ya Hanzky, cannot wait to see (might not be just a visit….you know…hehehe) the whole stuffs there…

  • Rita

    Congratulations on the new store……… Can’t wait to check it out……

  • Hanzky

    Makasih Tjejep, sama kaya ke Juleha, sepatu amoynya boleh dilempar kegue..:D

    Ambung: Iyaa langsung yaa dari airport..:D ntar gue kasih tau deh toko yang jual barang2 monunik dengan harga lebih murah dan lebih banyak pilihan..:p

    Tria: Hihihi…kutunggu kehadiranmu dear..:)

    Lucy: Asiikk..bener yaa ajak semuanya!

    Lilis: Makasiy yaa…untuk yang diluar Jakarta in the meantime belanja di online shopnya aja dulu…

    miracle, chikka, rere, Anthu: Amiiin, makasih yaa, ditunggu kedatangannya..:)

    Shelbox: Kalo untuk Buy Sell itu sebenernya udah diterapin tuh sama toko2 yang jual used office furniture di jln Saharjo, tapi gue nggak tau bisa trade juga apa enggak..

    Ferra: Wahh berarti tiap hari lewat yaah, mampir2 yaa…disitu ada D+ salon, lumayan banget buat cuci blow 35 ribu.

    Debbie: Nanti kalo elo dateng gue sediain deb satu meja buat elo ngegelar lenongan lo..LOL…

    Lena: LOL LOL. Leenn, elo dong buka cabang di Bogor..:D.

    Pink Vatra: Iya lebih banyak lebih bagus, tapi baju2 yang masih near to new condition yaa..

    Vian: Haha..iyaa kalo udah dateng nggak boleh keluar dengan tangan hampa..:D

  • sLesTa

    congrats once again, Hani!!!

  • chint13

    waaah.. congrats ya haan..
    ini deket bener sama rumahku! (i mean rumah ibuku deng)
    moga2 pas lagi ke jkt bisa mampir.
    19-27 sept buka nggaaak? jangan2 pas tutup lebaran niy.. :p

  • jenna

    Congratulations Hani………..pingin mampir ntar kalo pas jalan kesana, bikin2 appointment dulu ya bu………..;)

  • MrsRance

    Haniii….congratsss yah. Sukses selalu yahhh Han ;)

  • lilme

    Hanz.. kereeen.. selamet ya atas pembukaan Closet Quickly nya.. kalo pas ke jakarta mampir aah..

    Kalo untuk yang tinggal di luar kota bisa nitip juga ga Han ;-)?

  • mamita

    slamat yah han…
    sukses yah…

  • Koukla

    Now that I think about it, maybe it’s not a good idea for me to be ngantor inside a clothes shop! Nanti gimana kalo tiap hari pulang bawa gembolan? hihihih joking, can’t wait to invade my little corner there. Proud of you Ci Hani! :D

  • velasss

    haaaannnzzzz, congrats again yah say. nanti gue mampir2 deh sambil bawa tentengan :) hehehe…

  • jude

    wow congrats han..
    gue colong2 waktu ah main kesono :)

  • Thomas Arie

    Wah, selamat.. selamat… boleh borong nggak? Wkakakka…

  • meidina

    congratulation mbak Hanzy…nanti mampir ya. sekalian ku promosiin ke temen2, ada high quality boutique in Kemang..”Closet Quickies”

  • tjiamik

    mba Hanzky, saalam kenal dan selamat ya. boleh nih mampir, baju2nya kalo mau di trade harus yang bermerk ga mbak? thks

  • alaya

    this is my neighborhood. pass the road everyday on my way to the office.
    congrats ya han.

  • dita/bebbiraka

    waaww.. cooooolllll. congratz hani..
    it’s about time. let’s vote for eco-fashion!!

  • vitsky

    Congrats Hanz! Pelan2 cita-cita dan obsesi lo tercapai yah.. Termasuk cepet pula semua tercapainya! :D
    Gue doain, biar Closet Quickies bisa sebesar dan sesukses Buffalo Exchange, or even bigger! Amiiinnn…

  • ketupatkartini

    wiii…deket kantor niii :D
    pengen mampiir… jadwal jaga toko kapan aja ni Han? :p

  • nenglita

    congrats hani!
    insyaallah nanti mampir2 ahh….

  • bebeda

    Honey Haniii…..congrats ya! Tak doaken sakses!!! Bangga deh gue sama lo :)