If I Could Only Have One Blush


If you ask me to choose only one blush among many, my choice would fall to Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in P Red 14. Shu Uemura blushes comes in two finishes P for Pearl which have nice soft pearl shimmer effect and M for matte which is self explanatory. P Red 14 is quite a unique colour although some might argue that Milani Mango Tango is quite close. But in my opinion, when used the result would be different! Where P Red 14 looks natural although quite scary in the pan, Milani Mango Tango is more in your face.

P Red 14 can be described as watermelon pink, or peachy reddish pink with subtle shimmer and even closer to matte. The powder is very soft so it is easily blend. My choices of brush when using this blush is MAC or MUS fan brush, MAC 188 or MAC 187. Use it lighthandedly because it’s very pigmented. Use either really brave pink lipstick or just plain nude with this blush. I would leave the blush alone without adding any highlighter because it’s already beautiful as it is.

I heard that this blush is quite hard to find. For certain you can’t find it in Jakarta. It’s part of Shu Uemura permanent collection.