Think Globally, Dress Locally: Nina Nikicio & Wearable Traditional Fashion

nikicioWhat I always adore about Indonesia is the rich and diverse culture. I’m very proud with my country. Unfortunately, not many Indonesian brands understand how to mix traditional culture with global trends. We have to admit that we need to follow international trends in order to keep up in the fashion business. Our culture are often considered as old fashion or too rich for international liking.

Nicolas Ghesquière once made a dress for Balenciaga inspired from ikat prints. American Apparel made a famous convertible shawl inspired from sarong. If they can make traditional clothes acceptable, why can’t we?

One of my local inspirations is Obin. She is one of successful designers and businesswomen who is able to mix Indonesian culture with international demands. She exceed expectations, understands market demands, and focuses on one particular culture: batik tulis. I would like to be just like her.

Loving Indonesia, I am still learning to understand each cultures and its uniqueness. One of my goals is to be able to successfully mix traditional culture with international cuts.