Eyeliner for Beginner


Sometimes people who wore perfect eyeliner just intimidate you in a way you couldn’t really explain why. Maybe it’s the perfect thin line that require precision that perhaps the person itself is as perfect as the eyeliner. Or perhaps it’s the way it made their eyes ever so gorgeous that you just feel so little in front of those eyes.

Later I found out – after being intimidated by my classmate who wore perfectly thin eyeliner – that putting perfect eyeliner is not such an extremely difficult task to do.

Eye kohl would be the perfect choice for a beginner because its pencil form and the formula is very soft therefore easy to handle. You can either use it straight as it is to dot small lines along the root of the lash to get natural lining or you could also use it with a brush. Try MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder for the perfect everyday black.

Square eyeliner brush such as MAC 212 Flat Definer Brush is usually great for beginner with any type of eyeliner. If you want to use your Eye Kohl with brush so you can get thinner result, just run the eye kohl along the tip of the brush until the head is covered with kohl. Place the brush at the root of your lashes and apply pressure, lift the brush and repeat the same action to continue drawing line from the inside corner of your eyes until you reached the outer corner. The same method can be used if you’re having difficulty applying any type of eyeliner product.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush is also great to be used for applying gel or cake eyeliner. You can also get similar product from Make Up Show at FD Market Plaza. This angled brush helps you to achieve the precision you need espescially at the outside corner. If you’re not so sure yet on how to use eyeliner, you can also start drawing the liner using dark brown or black eyeshadow with this brush.