Think Globally, Dress Locally: Jeffry Tan & Our Unique Identity

jeffrytanFor me everything is globalized; news, trends, economic, entertainment including fashion. So many advantage coming from globalization : Information coming in a second, new prosperity and opportunities from global trade, people get choices for( almost) everything around the world.

At a point human found a boredom in this situation. There is no particular identity. What happen here (in fashion terms), we lost our own sense and luster in the way of dressing. We blinded our eyes in the name of globalization. Assume with local products, they move a step behind from present or there are not as good as other. Forgetting that we are unique in any way of forms. Why unique? No need another explanation, too many things to tell and yet haven’t been explored.

Now, many brilliant local arts, culture, talents, designers products, etc can be enjoyed in accessible ways. Lets trust, support and celebrate our local talents. Start to learn our philosophy and get to know us. It will be an exciting and heart satisfying experience. Think Globally, Dress Locally with a world class taste.