Masker Bengkoang & Air Sari Mawar Putih – Cool Combinations

There’s no denying the fact that the sun has been shining in full force lately. Sometimes I would go out and feel my skinMR 004 copy sting so badly from the heat. On a particularly hot day, I went home drenched in sweat, skin prickling and really longing for something to cool me off. Then I remembered I had a few packs of Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang on my drawer. I also recently bought Air Sari Mawar Putih and with these two products in my hands, I was all set.

I put about half of the content inside the pack on a small bowl, used a few drops of Air Sari Mawar Putih and mix them together until they become sort of a paste. Then I applied it all over my face, sat on my couch with my feet up and waited for it to dry. It felt amazing on my skin. Cool and soothing and I happened to love the “jamu-like” scent combined with the amazing rose scent of the Air Sari Mawar Putih.After it dried, I scrubbed the mask lightly on my face and wash it with cool water.

These 2 products are actually kind of iconic to me. Iconic because the first beauty products I tried when I was still very very young were bedak dingin and air mawar. I remember vividly, mixing the powder and water together, clumsily putting the paste on my face and looking at myself in the mirror while waiting for the mask to dry, feeling oh so grown up :) It is actually nice that they keep these stuff around after all these years and didn’t change much of it. I am not sure exactly what was in ‘bedak dingin’ but I am pretty sure it was similar to those in this masker bengkuang judging from the texture and smell. While the air mawar I used back in those days is practically the same with the one I use now, just better packaging.

Anyway, Bengkuang (Jicama/Mexican Turnip) is believed to have a healing properties, as well as helping the skin to look brighter. It also contains 86-90% water so it really can cool you off. Air Sari Mawar Putih (white rose water) contains aromatic white rose essential oil and some vitamins to soothe and refresh your skin. Have I told you how amazing it smells too?

Anyway, you can easily find these 2 products in your local grocery stores at an affordable price. So the next time you’re home after spending a whole day out in the sun and your face needs some some soothing, cooling, gentle touch, why don’t you let the “traditional” products do the job :)