Think Globally, Dress Locally: Carline Darjanto & Appreciating Local Brands

CarlinecottoninkCarline Darjanto, designer, co-founder of

I believed world was like a huge sapphire ball. That was exactly 10 months ago.

When I founded my first label with my best friend Ria I was not expecting that people from around the world – like an American man in Japan bought my Indonesian shawls.

But that’s happening right now.

(I was not talking to proud myself in front of you, I just want to share that world has become flat thanks to internet.)

World has become global platform and we have to follow the rush wave.

We are forced by situation to think globally, everyday we absorb so many information everywhere, when you start your browser, tweets, papers, magz.

Our love for international branded stuffs grow as we discover so many good and well-presented designs of international designers.

That’s when, some people, started to neglect our local talents. The branding of the international brands are too good and strong.

I think it is the time to turn around and look what locals can do. So many young designers need your support, and I also believe if those designers have potential to be global.

Right now I’m typing in English, but I know my roots, I know my heritage. That doesn’t mean every local designer has to be “traditionally oriented” in their designs. Because not everybody is gifted and can design those. Can you imagine if every local designer – all of them – designs Batik?

So let’s support our local industries, especially appreciate them like you appreciate international branded stuffs.

Because sometimes brand and price can fool you, completely.