Matte NARS Blushes


Most people love NARS blushes because of their pretty shimmer, they are pretty of course. Matte NARS blushes on the other hand never really take the center stage, but somehow I fell in love with it. NARS blushes that have matte finish are: Amour, Desire, Dolce Vita, Gilda, Gina, Mata Hari and Exhibit A. The powder of the matte blushes are so fine and the texture is so velvetty that it looks so perfect when applied to the cheeks.

These matte blushes are the fact that you can create your desire effect by mixing different kind of product. Take for example Gilda or Gina, when applied with cooler cream blush it will look very intriguing and fresh, try to combine it with Tarte Cheekstain in Flush. Cool pink are sometime really hard to work with, with Desire and Matahari eventhough it’s very cool both blush are very complimenting on both cool and warm skintone because you can just play with the highlighter. I’ve tried mixing the two blush with Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Bronze or Gold and MAC MSF in warmer shade such as Global Glow or Shimpagne and it tone down the coolness and bring about a hint of warm. Whereas if you want a little bit of glitter like Angelika try to dab a little bit of Super Orgasm with your Desire or Matahari. You can substitute Super Orgasm with MAC Beauty Powder in Sassed Up or blush that have chunky glitter like Grasenbon.

Dolce Vita on the other hand is an acquired taste. I have endless fail attempt with this blush and never once triumph over its muddiness. But somehow on my last attempt I mix Dolce Vita with cooler highlighter or gold and it works wonder! Pair the blush with Dolce Vita lipstick and you got the perfect everyday look.

Amour is the winner of the matte blush because it’s the perfect shade of pinky peach without shimmer or glitter interfering your concentration whether it’s perfect for my shade or skin tone. It’s perfect for everyone! Like I said just top it off with any highlighter and you can create your own perfect peachy pink shade. The perfect natural flush.

Exhibit A looks really scary in the pan, but the application is like a dream. But this blush deserve it’s own category dont you think?