MAC A/W 09 Trend: New Romantics

The concept:

Balanced, beautiful, elegant and perfect. Beauty that’s the epitome of all that’s chic and grown up, you can’t help but want to emulate.


Gordon Espinet “Think airbrushed…there’s definitely more of a focus on beauty this season then about thinking outside of the box: it’s the idea of exaggerating human beauty…more like an Irving Penn face in which the lighting is exaggerated to emphasize the face.”


MAC510115F.49x2-Kenzo_2043_AW10_PW copy

Charlotte Tilbury “I want the girls to feel fresh, like garden nymphs running through the forests..a high crimson pink flush on the cheek, a little doll-like..”



Cremeblushes in Laid Back + Posey “applied with fingers high on the cheekbones”

Paintstick in Red “high on the cheekbone, blending down into a muted blush’


Zoomlash Mascara in Lofty Brown “to the roots only”

Brow Set in Clear


Paint Stick in Red + Lip Conditioner “for a naturally pigmented lip”

Moschino Cheap & Chic

MAC510115F.52x1-M.Cheap.Chic_2107_AW10_PW copy

Charlotte Tilbury “I want the girls to look young…fresh with a punky edge”



Clear lipglass “swept from lid to brow”


Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation for “fresh natural skin”


Lip Pencil in Night Moth “applied to the centre of the lips and blended out to give mouth a dark stain with soft diffused edges”


MAC510115F.60x2-Marni_2147_AW10_PW copy

Tom Pecheux “It’s inspired by the black and gold antique feel necklaces that the girls are wearing. I simply wanted to pick up on the eyes with this one gesture. There’s no contour, there’s no lip – I wanted the girls to have skin that looks like fine porcelain, almost translucent. It’s recession makeup, focusing on just one part of the face.”



Pigment in Rose Gold “brushed over the lower lashline, lids and up through the brows, with a focus on the tearducts. Brush Gloss Texture up through the eyebrows so that the gold pigment sticks to them as it’s swept up from the lids and faded out towards the brow”


Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation + Face & Body Foundation “for a porcelain finish”

Invisible Set Powder


Lip Erase in Dim “patted onto the mouth so that they completely match the skin tone. I wanted no lip so the eyes really shine.”