The Tassel Club: Yay or Nay?

Remember my brief hint long time ago to watch over tassels? In the beginning, I didn’t find them appealing, but the more I saw these tassels, the more I was falling for them. Now, I’m lusting over those vintage Chanel handbags with its huuuge tacky tassel, the bigger the better! And how could you not be tempted by the deadly combination of tassel leather and chain links, or even better, a combo of tassels and studs? Last month, my heart stopped when I saw this older lady with her vintage Chanel quilted bag and its tassel waving as she walked on the sidewalk. I couldn’t help not to notice that long and huge tassel swinging as if it was teasing me!

Vintage Chanel with oversized tassel, photos courtesy of decadesinc


00320mTassels have been making cameos everywhere since last spring, and are still going strong on the Fall/Winter 2009 runways. These are not your typical tassels used for tying curtains, decorating your granny penny loafers or your praying beads (tasbih, misalnya =). Tassels today have evolved into zipper pulls, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, shoe laces, obi belts, and many more. If you’re not a fringe fan, nor into zippers, studs, and the whole nine yard of rocker-look craze, these tassels could become another option to give your look a softer edge. (left: Dior tassel belt, courtesy of

tassels-finalTassel Trend, collage courtesy of

Chloé F/W 2009 offers a great example of wearing tassel without hassle, where tassels are used as belts on jumpsuits, high-waisted pants, or skirts. Hannah MacGibbon, the new designer of Chloé, was inspired by Antonio Lopez‘s illustrations. Infused with some 80’s / late 70s vibe, earthy tone color palette, big volume and feather-like hair, to me every models look like the cast of Charlie’s Angels. I love seeing this collection, it’s definitely a break from the rebellious Balmain mania.


Chloé F/W 2009, courtesy of

Besides belts, tassel could also be used as necklace. Urban Outfitters has this cute tasseled necklace and Carbon Couture posted a great D.I.Y on making a pair of tasseled earrings inspired by Marc Jacobs S/S 2009. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Proenza Schouler, Juicy Couture and Dior have adopted tassels as a key detail on their handbags and shoes.

Are you joining the club? Yay or Nay?

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Handbags with tassels, images courtesy of, couturecarrie.blogspot,

image.axdChloe mirror embellished calfskin and metal purse via instylecom-1

Shoes with tassels, courtesy of


Tassel necklace, courtesy of