Not All Facial Cottons are Created Equal

TBS_cottonroundsAll this while, I have been using The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Beauty Rounds to wipe my make ups away every night.  I like how this cotton rounds are very absorbent and doesn’t fall apart easily or leave strands of fibres when I wipe my make up off my face.  I wasn’t really paying attention that these cotton rounds are organically grown, but I know I must have them in stock cuz I cannot use any other brands.

These cotton rounds don’t really come cheap actually, but I just can’t seem to switch to other brands.  I tried others, those from cheaper products to the ones that are more expensive and look similar to The Body Shop
Organically Grown Cotton Beauty Rounds
.  Still at the end, I dropped those I bought in supermarket and back to The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Beauty Rounds.  So when I found it hard to score these
cotton rounds in every outlet here in Singapore for the second time, I started to wonder why they are so good and always sold out.  Apparently, these cotton rounds are also a hit among other make-up users in this island as the supply is always run out before the new stock comes in.

So after a whole bunch of searches on the Internet and read plenty of articles about Facial Cotton, I realized that there IS a different between a regular facial cotton and ones that organically grown like the one that
I’ve been using.  Apparently, some of the premium quality 100 non-organic soft and absorbent facial cotton pads are commercial chlorine bleached and treated.  Overtime, the traces of the bleach residues may be absorbed by
your face when use overtime.  Do you even dare to know how poorly the low grade ones could be treated?  Ouch!

However, organic facial cotton pads are different.  Because they are organic, they are not conventionally cultivated cotton products laden with toxic chemical pesticides.  They are also not commercial bleached, which
means they’re pure.  In addition, because they’re made from higher quality fibre like virgin staple fiber for example, they’re more absorbent and noticeably softer.  So, they’re supposed to be better for our skin.

Another reason that they are better also depends on their weave quality. The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Beauty Rounds are well textured with double sides for effective remover of makeup and application
of toner.  I guess this is why the reason I keep coming back to use these. I learnt that not all facial cottons are created equal.  So if you really have to choose, try those which are organic and/or with untreated chemicals.  After all, if you really want to have your face cleaned, you don’t want any residues to be left behind, do you?