Chambray for Mom and Daughter

Like most of us living in Jakarta, I crave being able to spend some time in outdoor spaces, so whenever there’s a chance to bring my daughter to play outside, I do it. Last weekend, there was a kite festival being held near where I live, where people were asked to gather in the field and fly 2,000 kites at the same time. It was supposed to be breaking MURI record but to those of us living in the area, it meant a whole day of fun in the sun!

The event was located in a vacant space in a housing complex. It was huge! There were music, food stalls, bazaar and people were having picnics in the field while watching their kids running around or flying kites. There was also a beautiful, Japanese-inspired park inside the complex where we decided to take a stroll around and of course! :D It was a great day. Too bad houses were going to be built on the lot soon. If I were them, I would keep the land as it is and turn it into a public space.

aluf2 020


Thrifted chambray dress

Vintage sunnies

Unbranded bag

Alun-alun Indonesia batik bangle

Crocs shoes


Daisy Duck tank top

Cleveland Kids chambray skirt

Crocs shoes

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