The Forgotten (NARS) Silvana


When I write the original article on NARS blushes within the brown family, I didnt have NARS Silvana at my disposal and I thought It wouldnt be something that is too important to mention since there’s not too much fans for this particular blush out there. But I guess I was wrong. As soon as I have the blush on my hand I noticed the similarities between the NARS Silvana and NARS Sertao but not with any other brown that I’ve seen. When putting them side by side Silvana is a shade lighter than Sertao but still pretty much the same. Both have golden shimmer that’s why even when you use them on your cheeks side by side they look similar. But where one have tawny undertone the other one, Silvana, have terracota undertone. Therefore on my cool skin tone I much prefer Sertao because it doesn’t look too burnt. I think people with olive undertone will prefer Sertao too because Silvana wouldnt look as alive as Sertao on their face.

This is the kind of blush when you want to sport more earthy color and when you’re eyes are filled with lots of gold and copper. The perfect blush for summer or tropic countries like ours where you just want to have a little tan without having to reach out for your bronzer. I would choose to where this alone since mixing it with other blushes will defy the purpose of having natural coloured blush.