Lancome Oscillation Mascara – The Review

Two forum members: Lita & Pia, one of our moderators, Uberboston, and myself were given a chance to try out LANCÔME_Vibrating_Infinite_Powermascara_06Lancome’s newest mascara and you can read what we have to say about it below!

What are your thoughts when you first heard about Lancome Oscillation mascara?
Koukla: To be honest, I was skeptical at first. Mascara that vibrates just didn’t sound like something I wanted to bring anywhere near my eyes. Other than that, I thought it sounded rather gimmicky. But then, I read more and more positive review and decided I wanted to try it out myself. You know what they said, don’t knock it till you try it!

Lita: Can’t wait to get my hands on it ! I’m always in the search of non-smudge-lengthening-volumizing mascara. I’ve been trying so many mascaras, and they do not meet what I expect from mascara.

Uberboston: To be frank, the feeling was both a little scared (oscillating device? near my eyes?) and skeptical. I have a love and hate relationship with mascara. Most mascaras that I have tried in the past have been very clumpy — it gets very frustrating when you are ready to go, and the final step of your makeup application threatens to ruin your whole effort. While skeptical, I am more than happy to try out Lancome Oscillation Mascara, since my search hasn’t ended for “the” mascara.

Pia: The minute I heard that Oscillation mascara is available in Indonesia, I was ecstatic because I’d been wanting to try this product since last year. I kept reading about it in beauty bloggers but I couldn’t find it in our local counter. Eventhough I was a bit of a geek, but at first I was very sceptical about a vibrating mascara and wrote it off as another beauty hype. However, after reading more about it and finding out that I didn’t have to zig-zag my way to thicker lashes, I concluded perhaps Oscillation mascara was a real deal.

When you finally tried, what do you think of the formula?
Koukla: It is surprisingly light-weight and glides on easily, makes application quite fast and easy. I noticed that it is really black – almost carbon-like, but unlike other mascaras I’ve tried that have the same intense black formula, it is not drying and doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes at all.

Lita: It’s quick-dry,both volumizing and lengthening.

Uberboston: Creamy. The drying time is none to speak of; it is just like most other mascaras I’ve tried before: not ultra-fast drying nor lingering too long.

Pia: The amazing thing about the formula is that when I pulled out the wand out of the tube, I didn’t see any gunk on the wand. In fact, when I ran the wand across my finger, there’s hardly any trace of the mascara. Oscillation mascara applied evenly across my lashes and with 2 coats I could hardly feel that I had mascara on. It’s definitely lightweight and yet it stick to the lashes. In fact, on my 3rd try, I was pretty satisfied with how my lashed looked with just one coat of the mascara.

Is it hard to use?
Koukla: I understand why some people might think it is, but no, Oscillation mascara is actually quite straightforward and easy to use. I basically ran the wand from the roots all the way to the tips of my lashes without the zigzag motion (I let the little nifty machine does the work) and it coats my lashes evenly. For the shorter lashes on the inner corner of my eyes, I stopped the vibrating and did it manually because I was afraid I’d poke my eyes with it – which has happened even with non-vibrating mascaras :D

Lita: Not at all. A bit strange at first with all the oscillation, but I get used to it in seconds.

Uberboston: Not at all. It was pretty straightforward and intuitive. I didn’t read any of the booklet that came with the mascara, and I managed to use it right at the first attempt. The oscillating part of it is supposed to deposit some oomph to the lashes without the usual zigzag movement in mascara application. I tried applying it without turning on the oscillating switch, and it worked just fine.

Pia: The application was supposed to be easy. I just had to place the wand underneath my lashes nearest to the root and just swipe it upward toward the tip while pressing down the button. However, having not seen anyone worn an oscillation mascara before made me anxious and thought that the oscillation would make the wand vibrate like a cell phone does and I would end up coating my eyeballs. No such thing’s happening. In fact, the mascara’s oscillation is hardly noticed/felt. It was that subtle. However, it took getting used to because on Day 1 I used it like I used my regular mascara; swiped the wand several times to coat my lashes. As a result, my lashes looked too thick to my liking and I could see some clumping although it was only visible up close.

On Day 2, I finally had the hang of the Oscillation mascara application. I just slowly coat lashes from the root to the tip. This is very important for perfect application, in my opinion. Just pull the comb through the lashes and run the wand slowly again on some clumping. However, coating the lower lashes was a bit tricky and perhaps it was due to the long wand. However, I still managed to thicken my lower lashes and see the difference.

What result do you see immediately?
Koukla: It instantly lengthens my lashes. It was a bit shocking at first, they are so long the tip are actually touching my eyelids! The formula also gives a nice definition and separates the lashes well. I use a curler before mascara and Oscillation seems to be holding the curl quite fine.

Lita: It curls and lengthen my thin and short lashes without much effort. My eyes pop immediately. In the picture you can see I did my eyes differently. I put a bit of smokey on my right eye, to see a little drama. I didn’t put any color on my left eye, to see how it looked on naked eyes. Because sometimes when I’m in a hurry and have no time for a full eye makeup, I would just apply mascara to open up my eyes. I love them both. For both application, I only need less than 1 minute to hold the wand, and it did its own job.

Uberboston: This mascara is NOT clumpy! Yay for non-clumping mascara! I see more definition on the tip of the lashes, as well as along the shaft. On the fattening department, I do not feel that Lancome Oscillating is particularly strong. It may worth to say that I only use one coat for each side. While it is defining and lengthening, it does not make my lashes five times fatter than they already are.

On that note, I am more than willing to give up uber-fattening effect for non-clumpiness. A lot of mascaras claiming to fatten the lashes end up to be clumpy. Clumpy means more time required to tend the lashes: combing through them, not to mention rubbing excess particles off your lashes. Not to mention falling flakes.

Pia: One coat is enough to thicken and lengthen my non-existent lashes and I was very very happy with the result. From the pictures it’s obvious that Oscillation mascara offered excellent coverage. At first, I wondered whether I needed to curl my lashes beforehand. So I made an experiment to curl my right lashes and leave my left lashes alone. There’s no noticeable differences.

Throughout the day, do you experience any flaking or smudging?
Koukla: Slight flaking the first time I used it, but nothing I can’t wipe with a q-tip or brush. No smudging.

Lita: Not at all. It stays. No smudging. No flaking. It stays where it belongs, on my lashes :)

Uberboston: None at all. No flakes come off to the face or anything of that sort.

Pia: No smudging or flaking.

How long did you wear it and how did your eyelash look like when you get home?
Koukla: I wore it for 6 hours on the day I first tried this mascara on and when I got home, despite the hardly-noticeable flaking I talked about, my eyes looked fine. The lashes stayed long and curled.

Lita: I wore it more than 10 hrs, with super sweaty gym sessions from 6 – 9 PM. I was a bit worried that it would smudge everywhere, like my other mascaras. My lashed looked exactly like how it looked in the morning when I put on the mascara. I didn’t find any single smudge on my towel nor my cheek. No panda eyes in the evening.

Uberboston: I was wearing it throughout the afternoon until evening. I didn’t see any panda eyes at work by the end of the day.

Pia: I had the mascara on from 8ish in the morning to 7ish in the evening and on both days I didn’t experience any smudging or flaking. Oscillation mascara is not waterproof, but I had no problems with it. It didn’t run on even after several wudhus.

Is it easy to clean?
Koukla: Yes. I use my L’Oreal Eye & Lip makeup remover and it comes right off without any pulling or tugging. And no raccoon eyes in the morning either which means the mascara has been thoroughly cleaned.

Lita: It’s super easy to clean. First, I used my mascara remover that comes with a mascara wand. No hassle at all. Then on my other lash, I used a regular eye makeup remover, and it worked just the same.

Uberboston: Yes! Since it doesn’t clump, the cleanup didn’t take any tugging or pulling. I bet you know how it feels when you’re trying to clean with all your might just to see your precious eyelashes fell victim vigorous cleaning.

Pia: Removing the mascara is also super easy, I just use my usual L’oreal Make Up Remover and the lashes were gone completely without any tugs on my eyes. This would be hard to achieve with my MAC Plushlash and Cover Girl Lash Blast.

The Verdict?
Koukla: Very nice formula, comfortable to wear, no smudging and easy to clean – just like a good mascara should be. The oscillation gives a nice “techy” touch to the already-superb product and is so subtle, you don’t have to worry about having to have a steady hand to use it. I have to admit, the little girl in me even finds this super fun to use :) I realize however that the price point of this mascara is high but I also noticed that the tube is bigger than other mascaras I have had which hopefully means there is more product inside. If it finishes longer than the other mascaras I have tried, then the price is truly justified. I would definitely recommend this mascara to friends who have the budget and the open mind to try new things.

Lita: My search for a perfect mascara has ended. Hey, it survives my gym sessions. What more could I ask ? :)

Uberboston: I have several considerations when choosing a mascara, in order of importance: not clumpy, lengthening and definition, friendly for contact lens wearer, easy to take off, and of course: price. My criteria are based on some ten or so mascaras that I have tried, from drugstore brands to luxury brands, and I’ve had many disappointing experience with a lot of them. Most blob particles on the lashes, another takes two days to take off and victimized the lashes.

On the oscillating part: no, it’s not at all scary. You’ll get a slight vibrating sensation on the lashes while wearing the Lancome Oscillation Mascara, and it’s pretty cool actually. Nothing scary or crazy.

In my book, the mascara excels on most of the above aspects. The price tag, however, is a bit on the hefty side, which would be my consideration. On a positive light, I’d rather have ONE good mascara that I can rely on, rather than 3 cheaper mascaras that take forever to get right.

My verdict on nutshell? While I probably need to allocate a little more out of my makeup budget to buy the Lancome Oscillating Mascara, I give this one a thumb up.

Pia: This mascara definitely lives up to its hype. It doesn’t disappoint at the slightest degree. The formula is amazing and the coverage is fantastic. Despite not having any experience with oscillating mascara before, I’m happy to report that Oscillation mascara gives me perfect long and thick lashes. One coat is enough for day wear and two coats are plenty for thicker lashes. The vibration is not something to be anxious about, and this is from someone who wears mascara everyday but manage to poke one eye every now and then with the mascara comb. I did not have to curl my lashes, something which is quite bothersome when I have to be in a hurry (which is waaay too often). It’s long wearing with no streaking and super easy to remove. If I see the product in the local Lancome counter, I definitely purchase this. Great job, Lancome!


Koukla – Before

Oscillation Affi Before copy

Koukla – After

Oscillation Affi after final copy

Lita – Before

Lita Before copy

Lita – After

Lita after copy


Wulan before-after copy

Pia – Before

Pia before copy

Pia – After

Pia After copy

Lancome Oscillation Mascara retails for Rp. 480.000 and for more info on how you can get this product and receive special offers, please read this post.

Special thanks to Lancome, Lita, Pia and Uberboston. You guys are fabulous :)