The NARS Orgasm/Super Orgasm Question


It seemed that with NARS Orgasm you either love it or really hate it and wondering why on earth so many people swears by it. For me, it left me with no special mark at all. However, it does leave question on so many people as to how this blush has been the best blush chosen by Allure for so many years no? Especially with many other beautiful colour from NARS to choose from.

NARS Orgasm is a peachy pink blush which supposed to mimic the natural colour of your cheek when you’re blushing. I guess that is the answer, it doesn’t supposed to be special but it’s meant to  be natural. In that case, when you’re already a blush addict, the word “natural” never come across our dictionary anymore and therefore Orgasm never really wow us. Therefore it is safe to conclude that for those of you whose still a blush virgin you will LOVE it but for those whose already deep in the addiction stage, skip it!

NARS Super Orgasm (SO) is slightly more pigmented compared to Orgasm but when I swatch both of them the shade difference is not that much, only that the SO is a bit peachier than Orgasm. SO has very chunky golden flecks which makes it more wearable for people with warm skintone. Whereas Orgasm is very safe for those with cool skintone but actually it works as well for warm skintone but I saw that people with more olive undertone tend to look muddy in this blush. Some people said that SO is more pigmented but actually it is easier to pick up the powder in SO because of its chunky glitter which makes it easier for the brush to pick up more product than compared when you’re using Orgasm. I prefer to use blush brush that is not too soft for SO therefore the golden flecks will not fall all over the place and get transferred to my cheeks where it belong. Whereas for Orgasm I prefer brushes that have very soft hair such as MAC 138, 116 and MUS Blush Brush.

If the colour of Orgasm works just fine for you, there’s no need for you to go crazy and pick up Super Orgasm as well. In my opinion either one would be fine. What you need is a highlighter with chunky golden flecks such as MAC MSF New Vegas (sadly LE!) or the japanese blush Grasenbon to create the Super Orgasm effect for your Orgasm.

So which one of the orgasm you currently possesed at the moment? Do you love or loeathe it?




L: NARS Super Orgasm R: NARS Orgasm