Application of Cream Blush

42-15443624I saw many questions on FD Forum on how to apply cream blush. The texture left people wondering whether it should be used before or after foundation/powder. Other question would be why do we need to bother with cream blush when powder is so much easier?

The answer to the later is because cream blush is very useful when you want to have more natural looking flush. It also left you cheeks looking healthy and luminous because the texture blend in right into your skin. If you’re a bit challenged in the blush staying power department, by applying cream blush before your powder blush will help your blush stay longer. Choose cream blush within the same colour hue as your powder blush.

As to when do you apply the cream blush, the rule of thumb is that cream should be applied with cream product, vice versa powder with powder product. Therefore cream blush should be applied after foundation and/or concealer and before powder. However,  make up should be about having fun and like what our favourite make up artist Darwyn Tse said “There’s no rule when it comes to Make up”. So when you think you’ve mastered the make up artistry, experiment and do as you wish.

Here’s some pointer on how to apply cream blush and what tool we can use.

  1. The cheapest tool there is that is god given is our finger. The warmth of your finger tips helps the cream to melt and makes it easier to blend. Pick up the product with your index finger and tap it lighly into the apple of your cheeks until it blends thoroughly on your cheeks. I usually buff the cheeks area with clean dense brush ligtly so that it will blend into the skin even more. The negative side however you’re risking the transfer of bacteria from your finger into the product.
  2. Brushes that are made from synthetic hair are perfect for cream blush application. For instance, MAC 187, MAC 188 or you can even use your foundation brush such as MAC 190 and MAC 191. I much prefer smaller size brushes since it’s easier to apply and you wouldn’t get  too much on your cheeks. MAC 188 is my favourite, but if you only have the bigger version MAC 187 or it’s dupe you can follow my tips here on applying cream blush using this brush. Place the brush on the apple of the cheeks and apply the cream by moving your brush in that area in circular motion. I would start buffing the brush lightly and apply more pressure as you go until the cream blends in. My new found tools for applying cream blush is the Make Up Show Buffer Brush.

If you’re using the cream blush alone, for more luminous finish apply liquid highlighter such as Benefit Moonbeam or Highbeam on your cheekbone for more natural day time finish. Whereas for night or if you’re in need of more glow opt for powder highlighter such as Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish or Laura Mercier Shimmerbloc.