Morning Filled with Beauty with YSL

P1010888Quite sometime ago we post a Twitter Contest with the price of an invitations for attending the YSL Beauty Workshop and the chance to meet Patrick Havegheer – YSL International make up artist whose been prettifying alot of beautiful faces around the world for the last 10 years. Patrick is currently reciding in Hong Kong and has been in this region for quite sometime, so he really understood the problem of Asian faces – citing from the small eyes to the infamous need to hide more prominent part of our faces or in other word shading.

The workshop was opened with Pungki, YSL Product Manager and Trisna, Elle Beauty Editor sharing their tips on this season hottest colour. Bold juicy orange will be gracing the faces of various women around the world this season. Patrick added that we should not be afraid that certain colour will not work for us. You can always make it work one way or the other. For instance, if you’re not willing to play bold with orange try to wear it on your lips.

Skincare is always a good start before using make up, Patrick emphasizes the importance of sunblock espescially those that have both UVA and UVB. In simple term he explained to us that the UVA will help us protect against the nasty sunrays that causes skin to age faster and lowering the chances of getting freckles. Whereas UVB will help to avoid the darkening of the skin. SPF 30/40 should be enough to protect us during the day.

P1010894For someone who has been a make up artist for so long, Patrick is actually a very simple guy. Simple in a way that he thinks make up should not complicate our lives. He teaches us on how to use awesome eyeshadow in 5 minutes with our fingers. Of course there’s always be brushes but for someone who just started using make up according to him the biggest challenge for them which then demotivate them in the end is the difficulty in blending the eyeshadow. By tapping your finger lightly and move it in circular motion you can actually apply and blend eyeshadow easily. To transform day make up into the night, he simply was the eye makeup off with applying foundation over the eye make up – this he called flash make up. Afterward you can easily apply more intense eye make up. Surprisingly, the eye make up doesn’t look heavy at all. Other useful tool which come handy is the Q-tips which he used to smudge eyeliner and applying darker eyeshadow on outer corner. Believe me the result was flawless regardless how primitive the tools may have sound.

Of course what would YSL be without the ground breaking Touche Eclat? Patrick suggested to use colour closes to our skin tone under the eyelid area to help eliminate the dark undereye. Whereas for highlighting purposes choose colour that is lighter than you skintone and apply it on your browbone, outer corner of the lower part of the eye, middle of the nose, smile line, around the lip and chin line. He suggested for YSL product that comes with built in brushes such as Touche Eclat it is necessary to wash it every week so that the brush wouldnt smell and it keeps the product in good condition.

I really enjoy the beauty workshop, firstly I got to learn new things because different make up artist have their own trade secret. Secondly, I’ve got the chance to try various YSL product, it is super fun because YSL product can cost more than other brands in the market and this is the one chance that I can try everything before purchasing it – including their best selling Top Secret a crossover between primer and skincare. Lastly I had great company – the winners of the twitter contest – and great food.

P1010901Me and the winner of FD Twitter contest antpop, lucy, rully, disti, irlita and missing Yqt7

P1010905and the awesome food to accompany the morning