A Rose Is A Rose..

If you love bath and body products, you should check out Dewi Sri Spa. They have a new range of bath & body products that sound so good, I feel like I wanna grab ‘em all.

One particular range I’m most interested in is the Javanese Rose collection. As rose seems to be everywhere this summer from makeup to fragrance, I am eager to try a complete range of bath and body that uses the flowers from my own country. According to the website, Javanese rose also indulge the inner beauty with subtle oil thatĀ gives a peace of mind, maintain healthy skin and prevent aging process while alluring Aphrodisiac promotes sexual desire. Regardless of the claim that made me want to giggle, I LOVE the smell of rose so I am pretty much sold.

Javanese Rose collection consists of body wash, body scrub, body lotion and body mist.


The good news is, you can buy these products and other stuff from different range in a new Martha Tilaar online shop. You can also buy the much sought-after Sariayu Cantika Jawa Timur collection.

The bad news is, they don’t sell the individual product, instead they sell them in one package. So for example, if you want to buy just the Javanese Rose body lotion, you can’t. You have to buy the entire range which retails for IDR 529.000. The same applies for products from other brands.

I hope Martha Tilaar is going to change this policy soon because honestly, it doesn’t really leave the customers with too much option right? Whenever we try a new product for the first time, we always want to buy one or two stuff instead of spending money on an entire collection which may or may not suitable for us.

Other than that, I’m still happy that Martha Tilaar is taking on this new business venture. As a customer, I’d love nothing but knowing that the products I’m interested in is available on the tips of my fingers.

To those of you who want to try Dewi Sri Spa Javanese Rose (or other range) products individually, please visit their brick and mortar store / counter listed here.

Image from marthatilaarshop.com