Bonjour Le Pliage

It’s only been four days since my last post about a spacious tote bag (Louis Vuitton Totally Monogram) and here I am writing about yet another gigantic bag. As much as I wanted to shift to a smaller and prettier bag and give my shoulder a rest, it’s just almost impossible to leave home without a tote bag. Not in Jakarta where every hour is rush hour. Most of us cannot just go home in the middle of the day before we head to our next activity, we have to leave home early, finish whatever we need to take care in the city and come back when the sun is already set in.


That’s why it’s just inevitable for us not to carry one. In fact, I think big bag is like bestfriend to modern and busy ladies on the go like us.  We trust it to carry all of our important stuff, essentials goods and junks.  Apart from being spacious, it needs to be light (like we need the extra weight from the hardwares!), secure and low maintenance. Of course, it has to look stylish too and can be used rain or shine.


lp04My favorite, and I believe, the biggest bag  I have to date is the Longchamp Le Pliage in Large. I got it last year for a road trip across central Java. Let me tell you, this bag holds a ton!! It really fits everything and some more. And since it’s made out of nylon, it weighs next to nothing when empty,  it’s easy to clean and can take a beating and still look new. Such a perfect everyday and travel bag. The fact that it is foldable makes it a must bring when travelling.

Now tell me what’s your favorite giant bag?

Oh by the way, if I’m not mistaken, Nia, one of our forum members, was offering a custom purchase for this with a lower price than retail. Yay, the perk of being an FD member..:D