Solving Your Foundation Crisis


I checked in with our favorite Makeup Artist, Darwyn Tse and he has a very useful trick to solve a foundation problem that we often encounter. You bought a new foundation, mistakenly thinking that it was the right shade for you, but then when you put it on in the morning, you realized that..eeeek! It was too light and your face now has a ghostly white cast! What to do? Darwyn said, relax, take a deep breath and follow the following steps :

– Use a darker shade foundation or powder (his top picks are MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or Studio Fix) and apply on the low planes on your face (hairlines, temples, under cheek bones, jaw lines – any place that isn’t “protruding”) to mimic a contour/highlight effect. Meaning that the areas that have lighter shade foundation can act as if they are highlighted

– Spray Fix + all over your face

– Blend everything together so the different shades don’t look too obvious