Makeup Inspiration: Megan Fox


Megan Fox is a babe. No doubt about that. Even if she shows up wearing nothing on her face, she’d still look drop-dead gorgeous. But since I’m at my ‘gold eyeshadow phase’ (mostly because I’ve been too lazy to think of color combining), I’m liking her makeup in this photo. And it looks easy to recreate too! Well-defined brows, shimmering pale gold eyeshadow on the upper and inner lower lids, deep brown eyeshadow on the crease and outer lower lids,  lots and lots of lengthening black mascara (or false lashes if you will), bronzer and nude lipstick. You can add gloss and really pack it on the lips if you’re feeling more glamorous.

I think this weekend is the perfect time to try on this look because it is still understated enough for a casual dinner with your family or even a stroll in the mall (minus the up-do and the statement earrings, of course!)

Okay, now after staring hard at this picture, I’ve decided that I need a new bronzer. Should I get the MAC Solar Riche Bronzing Powder from their Style Warrior collection, guys?

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