Lipbalms Your Pouts will Love

I don’t know why, but I have a very strange fixation with lip balms. Over the years I have tried so many different kinds 42-17167788from so many brands that I can’t even keep track of them anymore.

Anyway, Deszell has written about her beauty essentials for traveling. No matter how many eyeshadows or blushes you decided to bring during your travel, you will most definitely need a good lip balm, especially if you travel on airplanes. We all know the atmosphere in the cabin can cause dry lips so it’s best to keep them moisturized. I always get anxious during flight (I hate flying!) and the last thing I wanna do is applying lipstick/gloss but I never forget to apply and reapply balm. Here are 3 of my favorites right now :

L’occitane 100% Shea Butter

I’ve raved about it a long time ago and have tried other balms ever since. But the truth is, it is still one of the best products for very dry lips. I used this when I was pregnant and suffered from cracking lips and this is the only stuff that could help. L’occitane 100% shea butter is technically not just a lipbalm so you can use it anywhere else that needs extra moisture like your cuticles, ends of your hair etc. Beware though, this stuff is very sticky so you might want to keep some tissues or wipes near you when you use it.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

A cult classic since 1892. I just love the vintage-style packaging and the subtle rose scent that comes with it is heavenly. But more importantly, Rosebud Salve really does work! If I put it on at night before bed, I wake up with the softest lips the next morning. It can multitask too, just like L’occitane shea butter, you can use it for frizzy hair, blemishes even to cure diaper rash! This, however, I’ve never tried so I can’t testify. But I suggest you keep a tin of this fabulous salve in your purse. You won’t be sorry.

MAC Tendertones (shown here in Softnote)

Even though it looks like pretty little things in glass jars, it is actually a very good lip balm, better than MAC lip conditioner in my opinion. I always apply this product before any of my lip color and it always manages to make my lips soft, moist but not slippery. Tendertones has a thicker and gloss-like texture which probably what makes it stay longer on the lips. It also has this gorgeous shimmer so if you don’t wear any lipcolor on top of it, your lips still look oh-so-pretty. Smells fruitilicious too. The bad news? MAC Tendertones was a limited edition collection but I heard MAC is bringing them back soon which is why I am planning to replenish my stock!


Image from and Fashionese Daily