Shield Yourself from Freezing Office Aircons!

I think one essential we should have in our wardrobe : summer jackets. Dressy enough to be worn to work and to brave the sometimes-bone-chillingly cold office, but should be lightweight so you can still wear it outside or in a warmer climate.

I am thinking of getting this one from I like that you get 2 different looks simply by wearing it buttoned up and letting it open. And the zipper is a nice touch too. It reminds me of a Zara jacket I own which is in black and made from a much heavier fabric :(

29284-3 29284-4

This jacket will also come in handy if you’re planning to go on a holiday to places that are not too cold but require you to dress a bit warmly during the evening.


It’s available in white and blue and retails for Rp. 488.000