Shimmer Brick for Body

bbsb-bodyI’m most intrigued by this new Limited Edition product by Bobby Brown called Shimmer Brick for Body. We have been wow-ed by their Shimmer Brick products, it’s so unbelievably good that almost every women have it on their make up case. But one that is espescially designed for body, do we really need it?

It’s been featured recently in US Cosmopolitan Magazine and cited as part of their ’20 Great New Beauty Tricks’ (July 2009) that is perfect for your summer looks. That also translate to be acceptable for our tropic weather.

The product aimed to create head-to-toe glamour much in the same manner of how the Shimmer Brick has glamour up our cheeks. It’s lightweight and silky powder with subtle shimmer can used on arms, legs, decolette or anywhere that you want to glow. I can see from the product picture that the colour are also wearable as a bronzer on our cheeks.

Bobbi suggested to use this product with large buff brush.

The golden question is, are you sold?!?!

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