Sayres Salon, the next best thing to getting pampered at your own home

How many times have you wished that you can get complete salon treatments at your own home? Well, if you can’t have that, at least there’s the next best thing: a salon where you can put your feet up, feel relaxed and unhurried, yet get the complete salon treatments you want.


Sayres Salon is one such place. It’s located in two-storey house in Bogor, located on a leafy street just behind the row of fabulous outlet shopping strip of Jalan Pajajaran. Actually, a family still resides on the second floor, so the homey atmosphere is not contrived–the place is spacey and uncluttered, yet you can sit on comfy sofas, lounge by the pool reading a magazine, eat a wholesome meal, even shalat in a comfortable space not unlike space you have at your own home. There is locker space, and for the body treatment you’re given a disposable panty and bathrobe to change into, and the towels are still nice and fluffy. What’s more, the place is strictly women only.

Still, it’s not just about lounging around, because you can do that at home, right? Sayres offers a range of services you’d find at other salons, from face treatments and makeup, to body treatments, but what’s more, they also offer yoga classes in the mornings, or you can also do laps in the pool before your treatment.

On my first visit, I tried the message, scrub and cream bath (head message with lotion). I chose ginseng with anti dandruff treatment.

The body treatment room had space for three, and I was the only one there that morning. I’m not much of a massage person since I’m rather ticklish. I had to several times indicate the masseur to tone down her strength. Clearly those of you who love strong, muscled massages would enjoy them here. The oil they use to lubricate is quite nice, I was told it’s a combination of apple and cheery scents. I thought it scented more like passion fruit.

The massage was quickly followed by a body scrub. A nice gritty cream was slathered all over me, and let sit for about five minutes before they were scrubbed off slowly. They did that for the back and then front side. It felt kind of chilly when I had to wait for the cream to dry, but I guess that’s good because it kept me from falling into deep slumber.

After the body treatments, I took a hot shower, and afterwards felt my skin very soft and my whole being relaxed, and also somewhat hungry since it’s been about 2 hours since I left home that morning, with only a small slice of toast washed with water.


The hair washing to prepare for the cream bath is done in the back patio of the house, with a view of the garden and pool. As I got my hair washed, I thought of where I should go for lunch. Once sitting down for my head message, though, thoughts of food melted away, as I relaxed again with ginseng cream slathered all over my head. I had opted for anti dandruff treatment with the head message, and so some cooling lotion or potion was added to the ginseng which made my head tingle with a cool sensation. My scalp still felt fresh and smelled nice after two days.

As my head was prepared for the steamer, to my surprise a plate of spaghetti with meatballs arrived in front of me, accompanied by a tall glass of cold water. Wow, I guess they heard my rumbling stomach! The meal was substantial; it was a big lunch by any standard with at least 2 ounces of ground meat thrown in. After the leisurely lunch, my head went under the steamer, making me sleepy again.

Overall, I liked the ambiance and the service, and what’s more, the prices are really affordable. A head cream bath is nly Rp30,000, the aromatherapy massage Rp50,000 and body scrub/lulur Rp50,000. Other treatments include a facial with Sariayu, La Tulipe or Biokos (prices starting Rp30,000), haircut Rp20,000, manicure Rp25,000, pedicure Rp35,000, and ear candle therapy Rp27,500. You can also spend a day swimming and lounging around the pool for Rp15,000. Unfortunately, they don’t have totok wajah, my one of my favorite treatments.

I would recommend Sayres Spa for anyone living in Bogor. Those of you out for retail therapy in the area can relax and get your sore feet massaged before battling the homebound traffic to Jakarta.


Thank you to the owner and staff of Sayres Salon who invited Fashionese Daily for a day of indulgence.

Editor’s Note: As of January 2010, the Salon was closed since the building is being put up for sale.