Mentholatum Acnes – To Zap Your Zits Away

markedSad but true fact : zits can appear even after adolescence. Pimples happen when oil (sebaceous) glands come to life. Sebum (oil) is a natural substance which lubricates and protects the skin, and under certain circumstances, cells that are close to the surface block the openings of sebaceous glands and cause a buildup of oil underneath. This oil stimulates bacteria (which live on everyone’s skin and generally cause no problems) to multiply and cause surrounding tissues to become inflamed. (from

A few weeks ago, a few pimples started appearing on my chin. I suspected it was my own fault. I have this bad habit of rubbing my chin whenever I am thinking and we all know our hands aren’t always clean. Anyway, I didn’t do anything because usually they go away after a few days but until last week, they were still happily occupying the same spot. Annoying! So on my recent visit to the hypermarket, I picked up this product : Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear.

I actually heard about this product from our forum, just another prove that our forum is chock-full of useful info like this :) But I didn’t remember it until I saw this little tube in the cosmetic section in Giant. There are actually a few different products from this brand, all promising to either prevent acnes or to get rid of them. The one I ended up buying is the Acnes Point Clear. It came in a little tube with a roller ball applicator which I love because you can apply the product directly on the troubled spot. It contains Peach Leaf extract which they claimed to provide good treatment for acne-prone skin.

I put it on that night after I cleaned my face, put on my serum and moisturizer. It felt cool (must be the mentholatum), absorbs fast and didn’t leave any noticeable residue. In the morning, my pimples looked visibly “tamer”. I kept using it and after the third day, these stubborn pimples are gone! Hurrah!

The pimples have left some dark-ish spots and they’re still there (I think I need different product to get rid of these) but the zits are definitely gone and for that alone I am loving this product!

Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear is available in most hypermarkets and retails for approx. IDR 11.000 (That’s right. I am not missing a zero there, it is that cheap!). It is also fragrance free, hygiene-safety test passed and dermatologically tested.

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  • piscanilie

    Afi, gw juga lagi nyobain Acnes karna ngeliat tret nya di Forum, tapi gw baru nyoba powder lotion en gel nya acnes,ponit clear nya lagi abis, tapi mau cari lagi ahh muka lagi ada jerewi 2 biji nih

  • cheetz

    Gue juga lagi nyobain produk ini. Gue juga beli yang untuk ngilangin dark spot juga. Harga terjangkau dan kualitas oke, sipp dahhh.

  • jule

    huaaa gw juga pernah pake acnes .. gw pake sabun mukanya ..yg creamy, trus powder lotion tp si pwdr lotion ini bkn kulit rada kering, yg enak sunblocknya lengket sama sekali trus kayak tint moisturizer, kl obt jerwatnya belon pernah coba yg ini. Keluaran baru ya fi. Gw coba yg model tube gt, kayak obat2 jerawat erha.

  • Koukla

    Iya cari gih, manjur banget ya! Gue seneng bgt :)

    Nahh gue jg tertarik bgt sama yg utk ngilangin dark spots itu. Udah ada hasilnya di kulit kamu?

    Wah lo malah lebih banyak yg udah dicobain ya jul, oh dia ada sunblock segala ya? Kok gue gak liat ya di Giant. Cari ahhhh, thanks Jule! :)

  • ikho

    Nahh, g jg salah satu yg swear by ACNES lhoo.. Taon lalu g tiba2 ketiban rejeki nomplok, jerawat sepipi2 bok. Udah bnyk yg g coba terutama high-end dan obat dari dr. Bknnya reda, mlh tambah parah. Akhirnya g beli facial washnya Acnes yg creamy sm obat jerawatnya, amazing lho, 2 hr pake aja ga ada jeraeat br dan mereda banget. Sampe akhirnya skrg udah ilang. :D

  • Tifa

    acnes kayaknya emank lumayan bagus yah.. gue juga udah nyobain tinted sunscreen nya n loving it!

  • Koukla

    Oh berarti jerawat banyak pun ilang ya pake acnes ini? Hebat hebat, bener2 worth every penny ya kho :)

    Gue tambah pengen nyobain nih tinted sunblocknya!

  • ijoli

    Gw suka creamy washnya, it works everytime gw jerawatan. Brsan gw beli yg point ini krn tiba2 jerawat datang sekompi, mudah2an cocok jg.

  • Stiletto51

    Gw suka banget gel jerawat nya, apa ya namanya lengkapnya..
    Pokoknya bentuknya tube kecil, bening, dan baunya lucu kaya lem uhu gitu *one of my childhood guilty pleasure haha*

    Setoel kecil gel itu on my zit and tadaaa… besok nya udah gak merah n mulai mengering.. :D

  • andre

    emang ampuh banget acnes. gw yg klo dulu klo ga cuci muka dlm 6 jam udh keluar jerawat, setelah apke acnes tint, klo gw blm cuci mukan selama 9 jam ga kaluar jerawat, dan minyak di wajah gw jg udh berkurang jauh dibandingin dulu.

  • priscilla_clara

    begitu liat posting ini baru inget.. gw udah beli seminggu yang lalu tapi malah gw lupa pake, arrrggghhh.. kalo tau gitu mah langsung dipake waktu itu, soalnya jerawat udah membludak ni, hehe..

  • Mei Lin

    ih gw juga pake acnes tapi yg sealing gel. asik loh. yeah walaupun efeknya nggak kaya pesawat jet, tapi bagus lah intinya. asal jangan dipikirin kalo acnes nya bakalan nggak manjur, ntar betulan nggak manjur lohh…

  • Cendana

    =) Acnes memang good ya… Aku lagi pake Sealing Jell nya. It’s not as drying as some other Acne-blemish-fighting products ya, rasanya gentle tapi effective. =)

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