Leather on my Neck from Katallog

Leather jacket are the trend of this season, but what about wearing one on your neck? The Institute Oxford necklace seemed to be the right choice for this season leather trend if you dont want to invest on a jacket. It’s priced reasonably at Rp 135,000 and I can imagine wearing it with the simplest white shirt or even the craziest print top.



The Institute is available from Katallog at http:/katallog.multiply.com  or if you happened to reside in Bandung you can easily drop by their shop which is located in Jl. Dipatiukur I, Bandung. E-mail them at hellokatallog@gmail.com or call them directly at 022-922-65095 if you have any question.

I must warn you though, that this necklace is only one of the poison from this store. Katallog housed the design of 18 different people with unique taste and different perspectives. Their product ranges from accessories, patchwork wallet and tote, big bold watches to clean looking notebooks and ceramics.

I’m also lusting over their ceramics ornament necklace by Kandura and the faux fur scarf by Furu Furu.

Dont open the site if you’re not willing to part with your money. Too tempting!

*Images are the courtesy of Katallog