Dove Dry Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

I have the biggest burden on my shoulder in the morning everytime I saw my hair. I don’t know what to do with it, I guess I was born with the word “dry” plastering every part of my body – including my hair. They’re naturally extra dry and the extreme heat of Jakarta combined with the constant air conditioned environment just making it worst. It has become somehow almost impossible for me to make my hair presentable without much effort. In the end I always tie it  up to skip all the distress.

Of couse with the correct treatment all of these problems will go away. One of the higher end hair care product did wonders to my hair. I couldnt help to think though if I have to always rely on that specific brand to keep my hair manageable? The time couldnt be more perfect, I have to go get groceries nd my shampoo is running out and suddenly I saw the blue bottle of Dove Drytherapy staring right at me (I swear it really did!). I guess the word dry in the same line with theraphy already wow me from the very beginning. I always knew Dove is one of those product who lavishes on “moisturizing” idea so I have high hope.

dove-drytherapyDove Drytheraphy formulate espescially to help dry hair and replaced the lost of moisture in your hair allowing it to restore their softness. Moisture loss in hair can cause it to be very hard to managed, rough and dry. The moisturizer in Dove Drytheraphy has been added with the benefit of serum to helps repair  dry hair and giving smoother hair and less fly away as a result. Available in Shampoo and Conditioner which cost less than Rp 15,000 each, so imagine the grin on my face when I pay for them in the cash register.

I used the shampoo first, carefully taking only pea size because after all this is my first try. It surprises me that it’s enough for my whole hair and the bubble feel soft on my dry hair. Once I rinse it up  I can already feel that my hair feels lightweight and not rough at all. Usually after shampoo and before conditioner my hair feels extremely rough. I  thought probably it’s just a placebo effect on the new product. I grab the conditioner next putting them lightly onto my hair and message it thoroughly and let it sit for 5 minutes before I cleanse it with water. I swear I did feel something different instantly. I let my hair to air dry. Usually I will end up with  Lion King hairstyle. I would not call it perfect when it dried but I didnt have fly away and my hair feels extremely light and soft on the touch of my finger. It took me only 5 minutes to arrange the hairstyle with a hairdryer and a big hair brush and it was perfect.

After almost 3 weeks of usage, I can still say that effect never did wear off.

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