White Blazer Challenge

Long white blazer always gives me the impression of Medical Doctor Lab Jacket. The dreading weather of Jakarta however makes me wanting to use my white linen blazer with the sleeve roll up. So last week I shoot the question on the twitter on how to use my white blazer without looking like a General Practicioner? Someone suggested adding a belt with killer heels and I shall comply.


Jersey Dress – Mango
White Blazer – Witchery
Belt – Mango
Patent Heels – Charles & Keith Signatures
Bangles – Forever 21 & Charlotte @ FDMP
Earrings – Monet
Bag (not in pic) – still using my Ciciero Cassandra LE in Ash Green

I wasnt wearing this heels when I left for office in the morning, but I went home in a cab and having to waive a cab from the streetside I opt for kitten heels instead. So when I was taking this picture I just grab whatever heels on my closet. The blazer looks perfect with white heels, I guess it’s time to find more wearable white heels.

So any thought on how I can make this blazer more wearable?