Hello 30!!

Pheww, it took a courage to write that title..but whether I want to admit it or not, I am now belong on the 30 y.o club. This outfit was taken on my birthday last week when I spent the whole day in Bandung with my family. So in attempt to not look like a 30 y.o, I opted for a graphic tee and jeans, with an oversize sunglasses to hide those smooth lines of wrinkles..:D and I brought my Cotton Ink shawl to keep me warm when it turned chilly at night.


  • Unbranded Graphic Tees, got them at Keiza Factory Outlet Pertokoan Pondok Indah..:D
  • Orange Jeans
  • Everbest Wedges
  • Rebecca Minkoff Matinee Bag
  • Marc Jacobs Sunnies
  • Cotton Ink Shawl

Taken at Rumah Sosis and Cascade Coffee Shop.