The Music in Me

One of the perks of having a husband who works in the music industry is I get a lot of band t-shirts and I love ‘em! This week, my husband brought home another t-shirt from a band whose album he just released from his record label, Lil’ Fish Records.

The artwork in this tee matches the artwork on their album cover which I think is ultra cool.

to-crop2 to-crop1

The Trees & The Wild tee

Liz Lange for Target hooded sweatshirt

Unbranded jeans

Melissa shoes

Debenhams necklace

F21 and Alun-Alun Indonesia bangles

Anyway, The Trees & The Wild just released their debut album “Rasuk” and if you’d like to check out their music, please go to their myspace page to listen to some of their beautifully-written songs. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard before from any other Indonesian band. And if you like it, please buy their original CDs in a nearest CD shop :)