Teal Death Do Us Part!

I was bored with my regular dark green or purple eyeshadow so I rummaged through the pigment container and immediately reached in for the teal one from MAC. The last part of my dressing up routine is to pick up the accessories and I found a necklace in the same exact color and just wrapped it around my neck without thinking twice. I know a lot of us always abide by the rules ‘Never match your eyeshadow with the color of your outfits’. How about accessories? Do you go by that rule too? For me, it would be hard not to, afterall there’s only a few colors in the rainbow.


  • Orange Black Shirt
  • Necklace from Inacraft
  • Banana Republic Woven Belt
  • Orange Skinny Jeans
  • Steve Madden Python Print Peep Toe
  • Rebecca Minkoff Matinee Bag