JFFF; Designers & The Beauty of East Java

A collaboration between Sariayu Cosmetics and some of Indonesian designers to create beautiful clothes inspired by Merak Kasmaran & Reog Ponorogo collection. I’m loving the color palettes, they are colorful but still soft and blend well together.

I’ve been wanting to check on the newest Sariayu collection since Lena raved about it here , but I don’t bump into Sariayu store that often so I just don’t remember about it anymore. I’m going to attend the fashion show tonight at La Piazza and I remember that Sariayu has one big stor¬† at Kelapa Gading Mall,¬† I guess I’ll stop by for a little pick me up..:)

For every purchase, Rp 500 goes to Alas Purwo Conservation area. So by purchasing the collection, we’re not only helping our local products and our economy, we are also contributing to preserve one of the beauty of our country (Green Peacock) that is almost extinct. We’ll be looking good and feeling good at the same time..:).

Can anyone help me by telling me our favorite products from this collection? I’m planning to get the eyeshadow palette and a lipstick.