Romancing the Rose

rose_beautypowder-summerrose-72It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by so many collections that MAC is launching every single month. They all look pretty and lemming-worthy but realistically, I can not afford to buy every single one. However, there is this one particular collection that just takes my breath away and makes me forget how much (or how little) I have money left for makeup-shopping, I’m just gonna get this stuff!

A Rose Romance is a mixture of lustre and frost shades of pink, violet, blue and silver, perfect for enhancing one’s natural beauty.

The Collection consists of eye shadows, lipsticks, Lipglasses, See Thru Lip Colour, Pigments, Beauty Powder, a new cheek product called Just A Pinch Gel Blush and a new Fix + Rose, now with Rose Water.

Even though, I’m not too crazy about the visual, there are a lot of products that made me9k17my heart beat faster when I saw the picture for the first time. The lipsticks are cute, I want Secret Crush See Thru Lip Colour, Just A Pinch Gel Blush and OMG, have you seen those rose-embossed beauty powders? Summer Rose keeps meeting me in my dream! To add to the already-long list, I’m also curious about the Fix+ Rose especially because Fix+ is one of my favorite MAC products and to think there is rose water to the formula is enough to make me almost swoon. And then finally, I almost weep when this collection is completed with MAC Creations (that’s their name for fragrance) : Dejarose, which boasts notes of Bulgarian, Turkish and tearoses, mingle with orchid, lily, jasmine, peony, patchouli and amber crystal. I have a weakness for rose-based fragrances so I’m very excited to try it. The sad thing is, this fragrance won’t be launched in Indonesia. Boo.

rose_fragrance-72 rose_seethrulip-secretcrush-72 rose-gelblush-justapinch2-72

Anyway, other products of MAC A Rose Romance will hit the Indonesia stores soon so tell me what you think, are you as excited as I am about it?

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