Something Acid from Cotton Ink


Let me present you the cool convertible tubular shawl from Cotton Ink. The one above is the limited edition acid wash caramel shawl, there’s only 3 of them but worry not as the plain colored ones are still available, and you have 30 different colors to choose from. I just ordered 3 colors and one of them is the acid wash. I don’t own any acid wash yet in my wardrobe, so this is an easy and affordable way to try on the trend.

The special thing about this shawl is, it can be worn in various ways. And by various I don’t mean 2 or 3 ways but PLENTY. It can be worn as a shawl,  belt, shrug, turban, wrap, bracelet, tube top, halter top, capelet and more ways your creative mind feels like doing.


Cotton Ink is a 6 months old Indonesian label, started by two creative ladies, Carline and Ria.  Its other shawl products are the fringe tubular shawl and the krey shawl. Visit the website to see more.

Cotton Ink
Price: IDR 65,000
*Images courtesy of Cotton Ink