Nivea Visage: Refreshing Cleansing Wipes

niveawipesWhat is your face cleansing ritual? Cleansing milk, foam cleansers, toner then moisturizer, eye cream and so on. It’s abundant! Although it’s never ending, it’s a must. I myself could not lay my head to sleep until I have gone through that ritual step by step. However, sometimes I wish I can get away with all of that and just use one thing and just be done with it, at least for those tiring nights after a long day at work or even when you are traveling. Carrying them all in your baggage just seem too much, so what’s the solution?

How about picking up a Facial Cleansing Wipes?

I’ve been in love with facial cleansing wipes. Have tried several of them but recently I’m happy with Nivea Visage: Refreshing Cleansing Wipes that I can purchase at any drug store here in Singapore. The cleansing wipes come in two color packages, pink and blue. The pink one is for oily skin while the blue one is for normal skin.

I love the practicality of having the wipes around. And it sure saves a lot of spaces when I travel.

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Wipes comes without alcohol and enriched with Lotus Extract & Vitamins. It conveniently cleanses your face, neck and eyes while respecting the skin’s natural moisture balance. The soft fleece with its refreshing formula vivifies the skin. The skin feels thoroughly cleansed from dirt, make-up and even waterproof mascara, leaving a refreshed skin feeling.

One wipe is enough for your entire face. The cleansing wipes also keep your face moisturized and supple after you use it.

However, I must agree that it’s no permanent replacement to the long ritual. I still believe that the cleaning your face must be done thoroughly through each steps (cleansing milk, foam cleansers, toners, etc.), but of course, in one of those days, it sure is practical to have the facial cleaning wipes around and for me, it’s a must-have item in my make-up box!

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