Ponds Dual Eye Therapy UV

ponds-eye-creamIn the search of eye cream that provide protection for both upper and lower lid, I’m quite surprise that it is in the drugstore alley that I found several products that I want. One of them happened to be Ponds Dual Eye Therapy UV, which is priced quite reasonable at around Rp 95,000.

Ponds have been known as one of the good drugstore brand so I’m really quite comfortable in giving it a try. The product is packaged in a sleek solid plastic tub with red lid. The upper and lower eye creams are housed in the same tub with a separator in the middle which makes the product look like a yin and yang. I take it as a reminder that we should never forget to also care our lower eyes area as much as we have care for the upper lid area.


The good thing is that although they put the creams within the same jar but the colour of the creams are different. The pink are meant to be used for upper lid area whereas the white is for the lower eyes area. Dot small amount of the right cream on the upper or lower eyes area and spread it evenly using your pinkie finger.

Texture wise both the upper and lower cream is very greasy like Urban Decay Primer Potion texture when applied. Both cream settled immediately upon application. The pink cream turns translucent immediately after application whereas the white cream feels thicker and is really chalky when dries. I would prefer the cream to be skin colored rather than white so that it will helps with the dark circle under the eye area a bit but on the other hand it doesn’t interfere with the application of my concealer either. I’m rather annoyed only when I’m not using make up since I would look a little bit like a clown with white under eyes.

The upper eye collagen creams supposed to help in reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. Whereas the Under eye brightening cream will help to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circle under the eyes. For the first claim I wouldn’t really know whether it works or not because I do not have the above mentioned problem within my upper lid areas. But from the experience with the Dr. Denese cream I would say that I wouldn’t put much hope on the claim but it does moisturize my eye lid impeccably well and I also see that the skin around the upper eye area are looking supple and healthy even after a long day of eye make up products usage. The later claim however I can say that it does not work at all for my dark circle but it works for depuffing the eye bag although it look somehow lifeless because of the whitish texture.

So after reading the above review why should you still need to buy the cream and who should buy it? For those aged below 35 I would suggest to get your hand on this cream because it helps to protect especially because it gives protection on overall eye area from the sun’s ageing UV rays. Perfect to be used during the day! If you need to repair damages on your eyes area you can use different eye cream during the night which targeted specifically for the problem.

So anyone care to suggest me what eye cream I should try and probably review?