Curvy and Proud of It

For as long as I can remember, I have always been curvy. Sure, there were times when I weighed less than I do now (pre-baby obviously) but I think I’ve always been within that curvy spectrum. Like any normal girl, I struggled with some negative self-image, largely because of my body, but I can now proudly say that I am far behind it and have now reached a state where I am truly and positively happy with myself – curves and all.

Unfortunately, other people seem to have more problems with it than myself :) I can’t tell you how many times I have received negative comments regarding my weight, from the polite  “You look ‘healthy’!” to the more blatant “Why are you so fat now?”. These comments used to upset me to no end, but I have learned to smile, ignore them and not let it get to me. Yes, those comments are rude but most of the people who make such comments do not intend to put me down on purpose, we are just conditioned to think that it’s okay to say those things and expect the people in the receiving end to not be offended. What I do instead, is try not to make those kinds of comments to other people,  including making any fat jokes that is even more cruel and mean-spirited. Furthermore, I also try not to make comments/jokes about skinny people because I don’t think it’s okay to do that either. I just refuse to make body weight as a big issue because we have far more important ones to think and do something about.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging anyone to stuff themselves with junk food and be a couch-potato all their life. It is important to be healthy. But it’s also important to enjoy yourself. I am not a health-nut, but I try to live a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing more I love than wholesome meal made with the freshest ingredients and I try to do yoga as much as possible (though admittedly not as much I should lately). But one thing is clear, I will never be supermodel-thin and I am totally and utterly fine with it.

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When it comes to fashion, I learn through trials and errors about what works and doesn’t work for me. Sure, I had moments where I wish I could wear this or that, but I don’t get hung up on what I can’t wear but focus on what I can. I love getting dressed up and dolled up and I refuse to give that up just because I don’t look like people on the magazines. I love dresses because they’re flattering and I slowly build my wardrobe with pieces that make me look and feel good. I avoid shops that only have small-sizes clothes and enjoy the thrill of finding places that cater to women in all sizes and shapes. In short, I am proud and embrace my curves wholeheartedly and I will teach my daughter to do the same.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this : we’ve only got 1 life and 1 body. Instead of putting all effort and money to change the body we’ve been blessed with, why not try to be the best we can be? We live in a weight-0bsessed world, that I don’t deny, but don’t let anyone dictate what you should look like. Be it curvy, skinny, short, boyish, big or small – simply own it and be happy :)

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