Inacraft 2009: From Small Village to Global Market


Yesterday was my first time ever to go to Inacraft, not because I don’t like Indonesian products but because I  had never been home this time around since the first time they organized this (11 years ago).I really didn’t have any idea about its magnitude. So when I got there and paid for the ticket (IDR 10,000) and glanced at the map I immediately sensed that it was a wrong decision for me to wear towering wedges and carrying a handheld bag!. They are using the whole JHCC from Hall A, Hall B to Plenary Hall, Assembly Hall,  Cendrawasih and main lobby. It’s truly an exhibition of what Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, has to offer in terms of handicraft.

Here’s my quick notes from there:

  • Batik. Batik. Batik. Lots of them, from Batik Madura, Batik Megamendung, Batik Pekalongan, Batik Yogya, Batik Cirebon, Batik Lasem, Batik Cuwiri, you name it, they have it!
  • House of Leather has its booth but the collection is disappointing, didn’t find anything I like from Christian Magli either.
  • Bring lots of cash because it’s a waste of time lining in the atm. They take any credit cards but you have to walk back and forth to the cash register located at the side of the room.
  • The Nasi Rendang Balai Sidang taste really good!. Complete with daun singkong, sambal hijau and sayur nangka)
  • Met Rizka, an FDer from Yogya in booth #207,  sponsored by Dinad Perindagkop & UKM Provinsi DIY Yogyakarta. Her label is called Boja bag, you can learn more here. She makes knitted bags ala The Sak, there was one striped knitted clutch I was eyeing, perfect for a ‘summer’ clutch, paired with sundress. She also makes Batik bags and even Batik laptop case.


Sorry for the blurry picture of us,blame it to my mom..:D. By the way, Rizka gave me this goat hair clutch that feels so luxurious, and a bangle that matches the buckle! Love them! Thanks a lot Rizka!


  • Jewelries are all over the place too,  from silver to plated gold to diamond encrusted jewelries, natural stones, crystal, pearls and many more. I felt like bringing everything home.
  • Booth A157  sells fake Gucci, Chanel, LV bags. It’s blatant disrespect to everyone’s efforts in promoting original local handicrafts.
  • Lots of International buyers there.
  • From what I saw,  government and local companies are very supportive to help small businesses grow. Now all they need is for us to contribute by wearing local products.
  • Some of my haul..